Honey Heroes the Highly Addicting Puzzle Game


Want to know what the latest mobile game craze is?  Honey Heroes!

This puzzle game is highly addicting.  It is more than just your basicvpuzzler it is a fun and unique variation where honeybees have to pollinate flowers to fill the honey bear.  The more flowers you pollinate the more honey you collect and the faster you progress.

Players work with honey bees, dragonflies, butterflies and grasshoppers to clear tiles. Honey Heroes does require a bit more brain power than other games in the same genre, so it’s more suited to players who aren’t afraid to think.

Each level of Honey Heroes is slightly different:

  • fill the honey bear within a certain number of moves,
  • achieve a certain point-score within a given amount of time, or
  • unleash the adorable critters to help clear tiles in their own unique ways


The game requires critical thinking that will keep you entertained for more than 80 levels that have three distinct mechanics:

  1. Combination
  2. Straight Line
  3. ZigZag

Honey Heroes is available on iTunes and Google Play so you can use it on almost any device!  If you want to pick up and continue where you left off just connect your Facebook account.  Compete with your friends online or right in the palm of your hand.

Visit Honey Heroes on Facebook to join in the fun against your friends!

Honey Heroes the Highly Addicting Puzzle Game

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