Home Security: How To Keep Your Home Safe On Vacation


Criminals love to hear the word ‘vacation.' To you, it's a temporary, yet relaxing escape from reality. Criminals view this as an opportunity to steal your belongings for profit or possession. Before any business or personal trip, ensure the home remains safe and sound.

Common Sense

Home safety begins with the homeowner. Much theft activity is due to negligence (leaving a door unlocked, not picking up garden tools, etc.). The homeowner accidentally provides the resources to break into the home or the items to steal. Alert your senses to perform preventative measures such as these:

  • Pick an option: contact someone you trust to pick up mail or inform the post office to stop mail during vacation.
  • Hide valuables in secure areas of the house. Examples are jewelry, electronics, and cash.
  • Lock all doors and windows.
  • Don't inform social media followers about the vacation status until you have returned from the trip. Anybody can read the message, including criminals and criminals disguised as social media pals.
  • Remove spare keys hidden under mats, in mailboxes, in grassy areas, under hiding spots, and around the door.
  • Set interior lights to turn on and off when you leave. Continuous light spooks burglars yet increase the electric bill.


Home Security

Criminals are so unpredictable. Pinpointing the exact time a burglary will occur is impossible. Therefore, it is so important to install home security. Home security guards your home when your mind is on equally important issues (family, school, work, etc.).


A security alarm system takes patience to install, but it is effective in scaring criminals away. Criminals see home security systems as ‘too much hassle.' It's simpler for criminals to invade homes without security. Additionally, criminals scoping the area will notice home security systems and skip your home. If the burglar risks it, the alarm sounds will scare them away. A bonus to home security systems is saving on home insurance.


For homeowners on a budget, the maximum alarm system package could be out of reach. Instead, invest in security components. Deadbolts, chain locks, door security bars, and screen doors with locks will block burglars from door entry. Window locks, shatterproof glass, and window bars ensure no burglar gets in through the window. Install motion lights outdoors to spook burglars. Lastly, you may want to reinforce garages with secure doors and locks. Looking into places like Best Doors is a good first step when it comes to making your home more secure.


Don't allow criminals to turn a positive into a negative. Protect your home and the valuables inside it. Secure the home inside and out with common sense and home security for every vacation. That way you can rest assured that everything is fine every time you’re gone.


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  1. My husband and I are wanting to increase the level of security on our home that fits our budget. It didn’t even cross my mind that we should look into new locks, deadbolts, or chain locks. The last thing I want is for someone to break into my home. Perhaps it may be a good idea to contact a locksmith to install secure lock systems.

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