Home Decor ~ The Finishing Touches


Every now and then I love a good DIY room makeover but it takes time, money and resources preparing the room for new paint, flooring, lighting or whatever you have in the works to make it the perfect room.  I know that I spend hours on Pinterest creating boards with ideas I love for any room in the house, this for me is a great brainstorming tool.

Home Decor The Finishing Touches

First things first, One Room at a Time!

Let's start one room at a time, first move everything out except your very large furniture pieces and must have items. Now sit down and look around, are you satisfied with your present furniture and feel of the room?  Maybe you decide that what you have is fine, that's okay. Whatever choice you make, if it's new furniture, new fabric or keeping what you have; make sure it blends in color wise to your room.

Now you have the appropriate furniture in place, let's look at your window and doors. Most people have curtains or drapes whether they are fabric or vinyl curtains, wood or vinyl shutters, blinds and shades may even be used.  Expose your views by rolling up or sliding back or folding open your drapes, shutters or blinds.  Playing around with an assortment of colors and fabric combos will help create the perfect atmosphere within the room.  Take my bedroom makeover for example I knew the room was going to revolve around my couch and rug with the black furniture so picking paint and decor became easy.

Reassemble the room

Now start slowly returning the other pieces to the room, making sure that each piece should go back.  Remember the feel you want to have in the room and most of the time that doesn't include clutter 😉 .  Now that everything is back into the room we'll take a look at wall decor items.

Wall Decor

Wall decor is anything that hangs from the wall except lighting and that to could be considered decor. So we can have framed art or art without frames or even open frames over a wall to give it a certain taste.  Think of unique items like clocks, mirrors and personal decorating touches put directly on the walls or on shelving to bring your personality into the room.

When you're placing the wall decor keep in mind the height of items you are placing in relation to the room.  If you're working alone like I do most of the time, use painter's tape and make an outline for your art piece.  If you have several pictures you want to display make a nice visual arrangement with frames depending on the size.  Don't be afraid to try different locations until you get the right look and feel.

Lighting and the Finishing Touches

The finishing touches start with bringing in the light fixtures.  If you have floor lamps in the room start with those, plug them in and turn them on.  Do you need additional lighting or maybe just swap out the bulbs in the existing fixtures.  Right now we're loving daylight light bulbs it makes a huge difference in the room and brightens up the any room with giving off amazing light.

Bring everything else back into the room now, you might decide to get rid of a few things or replace some but just try to not overcrowd the look and feel of the new room.  Proper placement of the decor and finishing touches will make a huge improvement from when you started!


What's your favorite part of a DIY project?


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