Holiday Gift Guide for Children Who Love Art


This Christmas, don’t give your artsy children kitschy, thoughtless presents – it will make you appear inconsiderate of their passion.

Depending on where your kids lie on the artistic spectrum, they may love gifts that are hot on the holiday shopping list, or they may not!

But one thing is for sure: Your gift needs to show them that you know how significant art is to them. Acknowledging that, here are some can’t-fail holiday gift ideas for artsy kids to make your search easier this year.

Holiday Gift Guide for Children Who Love Art

1. Artistic Canvas

A museum-quality art canvas print, or multiple prints, is a great option. You’ll find offerings from the world’s greatest living photographers and artists. Top-notch suppliers use premium inks such as the archival ink to make each canvas last several decades without fading. Parents have the option to consider pre-made options, or they can take ask the children to share their favorite photos and then get them transformed into a personal work of art.

2. Coloring/Art Book

Your children would love to untangle their artistic imagination with an inspiring coloring/art book. Options like Zentangle help artistic kids create beautiful scenes and images by drawing structured and abstract patterns. The young ones can also take help from the step-by-step instructions given by accredited teachers, and look at pre-done work to know how to get the job done. In addition, they’ll also learn how to tangle the final result into decorations and supplies.

3. Neon Chalk Marker

Neon Chalk Lettering Kit and other similar options will enable your kids to electrify their words and draw vibrant, fun letters in neon color. The neon chalk markers and other essentials like rulers and pencils mean the young artists are just an unboxing away from taking their lettering and craft skills to a whole new level. The gift can also be given to teens; they’ll love creating their own projects and signs with the creative lettering techniques.

4. Artists Subscription Box

Looking for something that keeps the young ones engaged all year long? For $15-$20 a month, you can gift them a subscription box that delivers premium art supplies to your doorstep with their names. Therefore, by subscribing to services like ArtSnacks, you’ll be enabling your children to experiment with art supplies they might not be able to afford on their own. They may find a new area they like – but even if they don’t, they’ll love getting new supplies in the mailbox.

5. Bullet Pen

What’s so intriguing about a bullet pen? It is capable of writing anywhere, even in zero-gravity. Children can even use it underwater. Companies like Fisher Space provide offerings that make great holiday presents, signaling to your children that you know how important self-expression through drawing or writing is to them. Sure, they won’t be writing underwater soon (unless they’re doing swimming marathons), but they’d appreciate your thought. In addition, a bullet pen is free of all the pen-troubles like ink flow problems, or the pen breaking due to poor construction or the use of low-quality manufacturing materials. These are the last things artsy kids want to deal with during moments of inspiration.

Buying gifts for artsy kids is no easy feat. Make it easy on yourself by asking them about the things they might want to receive. If they skip the question, make a safe bet with items such as the ones in the list above.

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