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The time of standardization is over; personalization has taken over the Internet. You barely spend a day without receiving a newsletter to your name or having your favorite smartphone personally answering your queries. The digital world has finally allowed hundreds and hundreds of people to claim an IT identity. But what about an identity in everyday life? Do you truly feel like your own individual or are you one of the pack? With the power of mass production and pre-learned social behavior, it is more than likely that you are in dire need of some personal touches in your life too!

Your Home Furniture Doesn’t Have To Be The Same Old Things

With shops such as IKEA, it is naturally a little tricky to be completely original when it comes down to buying your next table. You are, of course, limited by the choices available to you. However, you can always choose to give your furniture an extra touch of originality with a few DIY tips that are suitable even for beginners. For cabinets, wardrobes, cupboards and any other elements with doors or drawers, changing the knobs for something bright and colorful can already make a great difference and completely transform a room. Not enough style for you? Go wild with a chalk paint treatment for your favorite pieces. Chalk paint is easy to apply and dries quickly, making it the best friend of all DIY enthusiasts! Finally, if you are lucky, you might be able to get hold of your furniture via different routes, such as antique shops or even old family members. This will bring a different sense of décor into your house, and let you build a room around some unique pieces, such as 1960s chairs or a chest of drawers from a previous century. pasted image 0 5Picture source

Individualize Your Rooms: They Are Yours

For many, living in a house begins when the furniture is built and set in the rooms. In truth, this is still part of your installation process. You can truly feel that you live in a house only when you start decorating it and giving it its personality. What makes a house homely is a feeling of coziness and the sensation of belonging there. There are many tips to take full ownership of your house, but they all include some serious DIY activities. Indeed, while you can buy a poster from your local shop, or add some nice frames on the wall, mass-produced elements will not give your house its typical personality. They will simply fill up space. Consequently, you will need to give each room its purpose and its feeling, whether it is the children’s room or the kitchen. Start by painting a wall in your favorite color, maybe, or by adding your own pictures on the walls. The more you work on the décor of a room, the more you will feel at home.

The Presents You Give: Make Them Count

It is easy to forget the art of giving. Often, people assume that buying the present was all they needed to do. This is a common misconception. There is more to a present than the object you bought. For example, doing your own wrapping is an effective and quick way to give every gift a personal touch. Don’t hesitate to be playful with it! If you have the possibility to do so, do take the time to invest in homemade presents, such as jams, crochet toys, or even hand-made souvenirs of your holidays together for example. Homemade gifts feel immediately more personal as if you were giving a part of you, and they are consequently more impactful too. Admittedly, it is not always easy to find the time and the skill to create a homemade gift. So, if you choose to buy your present, do remember to pick an item that is meaningful to the one who will receive it. Don’t be one of those people who fills up the shopping bag during the sale season and then tries to find the person who would be the least disappointed by their presents. Remain meaningful at all times!pasted image 0 3Skateboarding theme by Beth o’ Briant

The Clothes You Wear Are Yours: Make Them Look So

Fashion is an everyday cliché. You only have to take a look at the people walking in the streets to know where and when they bought their clothes. Everyone inevitably ends up wearing the same, and looking for the most identical. As if it were not enough, not everything you buy in shops will be cut to fit your body shape. It is not uncommon that fashion, not only deprives its enthusiastic followers of their identity, but also adds bumps and bits where there shouldn’t be any. In short, fashion is a great thing, but it is not always your best friend. That is the reason why taking up lessons of sewing for beginners can help you make the most of your sense of fashion and always wear clothes that fit your shape perfectly. Is there any better feeling than receiving a compliment on your dress and replying that you made it yourself? You know there isn’t! So turn to sewing to design your new fashion identity!

pasted image 0 4An original scarf shirt

The Food You Eat Can Be Original And Playful

Hamburgers, pizza, Chinese take-away, etc. While these might taste delicious when you are hungry, they actually damage your taste buds. Processed foods and mass-produced foods are full of additives and preservatives that gradually destroy your tasting ability. In short, the more you eat at fast foods and buy pre-made food, the less you taste what you eat. So do yourself a favor and surprise your taste buds with some fresh homemade food! Start by trying out trusted recipes until you can build up a form of understanding of ingredients and cooking methods. Then, the fun part of eating can begin: You can improvise with your food and keep your healthy eating habits fun and yummy! It’s time to revive your natural sense of curiosity in the kitchen and to rediscover your tastes!

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