Happy Mornings with the Philips Wake-Up Light


We started the Philips Wake-Up Light Challenge back in November and I have noticed a huge mood improvement in the morning.  Dealing with a tween and all the hormones pumping seems to be my biggest challenge every morning.

We were happy to put the Philips Wake-Up Light to the test and I'm excited to share our results!

Cheyenne was the one who wanted to test the light out first and I'm happy she was excited about it because waking her up was our biggest challenge in the morning.  We starting using the sleep function so she could fall asleep easier as the light dimmed and the reverse for waking up.

Happy Mornings with the Philips Wake-Up Light

After a week I noticed a dramatic difference in how fast she fell asleep which resulted in a better routine.  Waking up was my favorite part, she was actually happy and smiling in the morning!  Huge improvement over sticking her head under the pillow and saying she's going back to sleep.

The second week I noticed she was going to bed on her own and turning on the sleep light.  Mornings were improving every day!  There were no more fights and she felt more rested.  She continued to have a huge improvement going to sleep and rising in the morning, I am thankful the morning challenge no longer exists!

Then the Christmas holidays hit and it was time to go back to school after New Years.  I knew it was going to be a challenge all over again because we didn't stick to our regular routine bed times over the break.  She surprised me though and put herself to sleep using the light and set her alarm a few minutes early so she could wake up but rest for a few minutes before getting out of bed.

Cheyenne loves how the light gradually wakes you up and you aren't jolted out of bed by your alarm or parents nagging you.

Frank also uses the light when he is on his night rotation, he loves how the light can be used to simulate sunset and help him ease into sleep at 9 am after getting home from his shift.

I give the Philips Wake-Up Light 2 thumbs up!

Philips Wake-up Light Features

You are probably wondering what exactly the Wake-up Light can do, here are a few of the product features

  • Redshift, simulated sunrise starts with red to yellow
  • Glass-like appearance
  • LED technology
  • Tap to snooze feature
  • Five natural wake-up sounds (Bird Song, Birds in the forest, Zen Garden, Gentle piano and Seaside Sounds) and FM radio
  • Dimming light and sound to send you gently off to sleep
  • Twenty brightness settings also allow the Philips Wake-up Light to be used as a beside or tabletop lamp


If you're like me and deal with challenges on waking the kids up in the morning you'll love the Philips Wake-Up Light!

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