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Now moms can share baby's moments with their friends in one photo story stream with Hapn App. The app give you an easy way to snap, post and invite others to do the same. The key is Hapn is it puts all the mommy pics from the people you invite to be part of it into one story. You can do it privately or share on Facebook or email.

Other features include:

  • Capture the moments of your life that matter with friends and others into a unique photo story stream
  • Invite friends and followers to add their photos and comments to the story stream
  • Collaborate with friends and followers on your moments
  • Follow people with similar interests and interact with them
  • Have a private or public account
  • Custom photo filters 
  • Over a dozen text fonts choice with color, rotate, opacity, shrink pinch, expand, rotate
  • Interact with friends, followers, with photos, likes, comments, captions
  • Share to whoever you select on Facebook, Twitter, email

But the best part is this app is free!  Download Hapn now and join in on all the fun, your friends and family will be happy you did.

Hapn – open your eyes to the world!

Hapn App

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