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Welcome to Mingle Monday's where I am featuring a guest post!! You're going to love it, you already busy Momma's who are going to back to work Jennifer has so many great tips for you!

Guest author Jennifer Lewis writes for a site that has details on scholarships for women college students, including scholarships for women over 30. She thinks time management is the key to success for moms trying to balance their studies with all their other commitments.

Time Management Skills for Busy Moms Returning to Education

You have thrown caution to the wind and registered at a local college or online university in the hopes of finally getting the education that you have dreamed of for years. Now, as you consider your life and family, you are beginning to have doubts as to whether you can find time to take care of all of your current responsibilities and add the extra load of school work. Never fear! All you need are some good time management skills to help you make the most of every hour in your day.

Choose Appropriate Goals

Managing your time while attending school means realizing that you will not be able to give every person or task the same amount of time that you currently give them. However, by placing everything into the time slots of your day, you should be able to meet the needs of your household and family and be a good student as well. Daily goals will play a vital part in keeping you moving toward success. Carve out more time for your family and your studies by eliminating the following:

• Mindless television

• A spotless house

• Facebook, email, or other electronic distractions

• Time-consuming meal preparations

While some of these may not apply to you, if you look at your current schedule, you should find some wasted minutes that can be used for more important activities until you complete your degree.

Arrange Your World

A disorganized household makes everybody miserable even though some are unaware of it. How many times have you spent precious minutes looking for a child’s tennis shoes or searching for your car keys? You can save time by having a place for everything and training your family to make sure that they return items to their designated locations. The following suggestions might be useful in helping with this:

• Place a basket for keys or a key board just inside of the most often used entrance.

• Have a book bin for each child’s school materials and one for your own so nothing important gets misplaced.

• Use a drawer in a desk or bureau for all bills that come into the household and work through them once a week.

• Keep a trashcan or shredder in a convenient location for disposing of junk mail immediately.

• Put a container with doors that close either inside or outside the main entrance for family members to place their shoes.

Take care of any other organizational problems as they arise, but put a system in place for each one so that you do not have to repeatedly deal with the same issues.

Once you start to school, use every spare minute wisely. This means that the time between classes should be spent running short errands or completing assignments. However, do not forget to schedule some “me time” to breathe and relax or the stress of college life will take its toll on your mind and body.


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    • She is a great guest blogger! Systems are hard to put into place and after all it takes at least 21 days to form a new habit after being consistent and sticking with it….I’m rooting for you! xo

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