Great Ways to Coordinate Bedroom Decor When Upgrading Your Child to a Real Bed


Is your toddler ready for their first big kid bed? If they're climbing over the crib rails every night, it's time. The transition from crib to real bed can be difficult for some children, but updating their bedroom decor along with the bed is one way to make things a little easier. Here are four great ways to coordinate your child's bedroom decor when upgrading to a big kid bed.

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Under the Stars

Does your child love the great outdoors? Coax them into their new bed by adding a rustic tent canopy and tying it all together with a fun camping theme. Choose curtains and bedding in a vintage arrow print to complement the camping aesthetic. Your little one can even help craft fun accessories like a felt campfire and stuffed moose head for the wall. Don't forget to adorn the ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars to complete the wilderness experience.

Fit for Royalty

If your little prince or princess demands the utmost luxury, a royal bedroom is the way to go. Choose a fancy four-poster bed and develop a color scheme based around princess pink, deep purple or royal blue. Encourage your toddler to tuck in and turn out the lights with soft, plush bedding fit for a king. Finish the theme with a play castle, magic mirror and a set of crowns to hang on the wall.

Sleeping Safari

Does your little one like to walk on the wild side? Give them the safari bedroom of their dreams with lots of leopard print, a savannah wall mural behind their bed and African-style accessories. Remember to add plenty of stuffed animals for your wild child. Simple black or brown bedroom furniture sets are the perfect complement to safari decor and easily grow with your child.

Be a Character

Most toddlers have a treasured television show, movie or book. Make their big kid bedroom a space they love by decorating it with their favorite characters. You can purchase licensed character bedding and accessories or get crafty and make your own. Framing toys in shadow boxes is an easy way to add flair to walls, while existing bedroom furniture gets a splash of character with printable decals.

Are you worried about spending a lot of money on a new bedroom that your child will outgrow in a few years? Keep expensive items like furniture, rugs and window treatments neutral so they can grow with your child and express a fun theme with affordable accents.

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