Great Gift Ideas for Your Husband


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Great Gift Ideas for Your Husband

great gift ideas for your husband

Choosing the perfect gift for your husband can be stressful, let’s face it they are as hard to buy for as we are. There are, however, many unique gift ideas out there that will give them fun and show them just how thoughtful you are. Here are some great ideas for gifts this year!

For the sports mad fan

Whether your other half is a football fan or a tennis ace, there are many ways that you can give them the ultimate sporting experience without it costing the earth. The first and most important part to getting this right is to make sure you know everything about your husband’s favorite team or sport. For a soccer fan, this may mean catching up on what is happening with their chosen team – not always our favorite thing to do, but worth it. From there you can look to buy tickets from the latest match, or take him for a tour around their stadium. Top this all off with a session of sports gaming or similar and you have the perfect recipe for a successful and fun day.

For the adventurous husband

Does your husband enjoy the adrenaline of sky-diving or surfing? Why not play to this adventure and book a day’s adventure for the two of you. There are many companies that offer packaged days for kayaking or supercar driving, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to this you could always make your own adventure. Start with creating a treasure map that will lead your husband around your home or local area.

What the prize at the end will be is up to you, but it needs to take your husband on the ultimate ride, whether he loves the sea or the air.

For the lover of fine foods

Ok, so the obvious thing to say here is to cook the perfect meal for your other half, but let’s face it we may want to go one step further with this. There are many restaurants that now offer you the chance to book onto a cooking course, this could be a full day or a single night, but either way you will be learning from the best. Depending upon where you book, the class usually includes a meal within their restaurant and the chance to meet the famous chefs.

For the man that only wants one specific present

Many of us are forgetful and even though we may have been told exactly what our other halves want, we may not remember them. This is where you need to forward plan the perfect gift. Make a list of all the items that your other half may hint at, this should give you a list that you can work from, it is always best to have a couple of ideas then you can be sure it will be a bit of a surprise. Once you know what it is that they want, then aim for this as a gift – I know it isn’t the most adventurous gift, but if they have asked for it then they shall have it.


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