Great Fundraiser Ideas for School


So, your baby wants to get out into the real world and start helping people. What do you let them do? Don’t fear, there are loads of ways you can help your kids make a difference. Here are some great fundraising ideas which your kids can take part in or even organise themselves!

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Bake sale

All kids love a bake sale, and it’s easy for them to get involved. Depending on their age, they might be able to do it themselves: but you’ll most likely still want to supervise, as well as help with dangerous parts such as using scissors or heat. They’re a great way for kids to pick up cooking skills which they can use later in life!

If you’re super worried about letting your kids in the kitchen, you can have them do something fun which doesn’t include the baking itself. Biscuit decorating is a great way to go with this – you provide the materials, and they’re free to let their imagination run wild! Baked goods always go down a treat and they’re super easy to sell: people can never get enough of them. They don’t have to be expensive, and they can be made with ingredients you have lying around the house.

There are loads of easy recipes for kids which you can use. If you don’t want to spend lots of time and money on an original recipe, you could even buy a cupcake-making set: they usually come with fun edible stickers to decorate with which often have popular characters on them!

Charity sale

If you don’t have time to bake, you can still put together a good money-raising event by collecting items for a sale. This is a great two in one deal: the kids get to raise money for a good cause, and you get to clear out the cupboards of old toys or clothes! This way, you can teach your kids about the importance of helping others by giving away things they don’t need, making sure they go to a good home.

Sales are also good to teach your kids numeracy – they practice their counting, how to price items, and how to give change. Spending also is a great way to learn the value of money – which unfortunately is also the perfect reason for your kids to ask for pocket money, too!

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Fundraising activities are plentiful – and there are loads of different ones to choose from. Popular ones involve sporty activities, where they might promise to dance non-stop for a certain period of time or run a certain distance for sponsorship. It’s a great way to encourage being active while working towards a good cause.

If sport isn’t their thing, they could work on putting on an event – a talent show might be a great idea, for example. It helps build organisational abilities which are sure to come in useful later in life!

Your kid might find it more fun to take part with a group of friends – or you can get involved yourself! There are loads of family fun runs you can get involved with, and it gives you the chance to raise some money, as well.

Helping in the community

Community service doesn’t have to be a punishment – giving time to help others is incredibly worthwhile, and just as important as giving money. You could encourage your kids to visit the elderly or to get involved with a community car wash. If they’re particularly green-fingered, maybe they could help out with gardening – there are loads of community allotments and sometimes even ones in school. Ask your kid what they’d like to do and work from there: they’re sure to have huge imaginations and all they need is the opportunity and a little help!

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