Why Golf Is A Great Way To Get The Kids Out Of The House


Finding a sport to get the whole family into is one way to make sure that your kids get out of the house. Nowadays, it’s easy to while away the summer in front of Netflix and video games. Make no mistake, exposure to those aspects of life can do a kid good. But it’s undoubtedly unhealthy for that to be the biggest portion of their lifestyle ‘diet’. If your kids are resistant to the idea of most sports, then trying golf might do you all a lot of good.

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It gets them into the active lifestyle gently

If your kid is naturally active, then you’re not going to have a lot of trouble getting them into a sport. However, there are children who just aren’t about that life. They don’t like the pressures of team sports and they’re not overly competitive. But that doesn’t mean you should just let them live in risk of childhood obesity. Golf is a lot gentler to start off with, but the more you enjoy it, the more active you will get traversing the course and practicing your shot on the driving range.

Fresh air does real good

One of the best things about golf is the extended amounts of time that you spend in the fresh air. Of course, you need to make sure there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying your time out there. For instance, these are the best Nike golf pants money can buy and they play an important role in protecting you and your kids from the elements as you golf. You don’t want that precious outdoor time being ruined by getting too hot or too cold as you play.

Get up close with natural beauty

One of the reasons that a lot of golfers grew up loving it is because not only did it get them out of the house but it got them closer to some gorgeous vistas, as well. Good golf courses pay a lot of attention to the environment they’re in and provide some of the best views you’ll be able to find in the whole area. To a kid, getting on a big green and seeing the surroundings can feel like a real adventure.

A learning opportunity for all

Golfing isn’t just a softer introduction to physical activity. It can be played and enjoyed at any range of skill at all. If you want to start with mini-golf, there’s nothing wrong with that. As you and your family graduate to bigger and better courses, it gives them the opportunity to learn important emotional and mental values like sportsmanship and respecting others. Learning the sport gives you the chance to teach them the benefits of listening properly and showing a little commitment, too.

Golf isn’t just a lot of fun to learn and play. It’s also something of a ‘gateway sport’. When kids find themselves getting better at it and more used to getting active, it makes it easier for them to start trying other new activities, too.

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  1. Khalid Farhan on

    But my kids are not into golf. I don’t think most kids are. Golf is unfortunately a slow game for them. Most these days like basketball (and video game domination is there too)

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