Give Your Baby A Head Start On Life With These Children’s Books


Give Your Baby A Head Start On Life With These Children’s Books

Reading to your baby should be an essential part of being a parent.  Reading is one of the most powerful and entertaining learning tools ever created, and your child will thank you for your efforts.

Reading to your children builds their vocabulary quicker and more efficiently than school alone.  Start a heartwarming tradition with your baby from day one, and read them a book at least once a day.

Here is a brief summary of a few of the best children’s books available this year.  Take your pick, and get to reading.

We Don’t Eat Our Classmates – Ryan T. Higgins

Penelope is a dinosaur who hasn’t yet learned the rules of her class, as she is just starting her educational journey.  She doesn’t yet know that it is unacceptable to eat your classmates, so she does mistakenly gobble down a few of her cohorts.

Penelope doesn’t do any permanent damage, as she spits her classmates back out every time.  She does, however, learn the ropes by the end of the story, even if she does eat a few kids along the way.

The Digger And The Flower – Joseph Kuefler

Teach your kids to respect and protect nature with this heartwarming bedtime story of Digger the anthropomorphized construction truck with a beating heart.  His journey brings him to the likes of a beautiful blue flower growing in the very last patch of green grass in the city.

He finds the flower mesmerizing, and Digger saves the flower by nurturing it back to life.  The story may not bring about a barrel of laughs, but it teaches a valuable lesson to young children.  Not to mention, the illustrations are gorgeous.

Don’t Blink – Amy Krouse Rosenthal

Amy Krouse Rosenthal passed away last year, but 2018 brought about the release of her last gift to you and your children’s bedtime routine.  “Don’t Blink!” is a fun bedtime story that dares kids to stay awake, while subsequently leading them down the path to a good night’s sleep.

The book presents a bargain to your child; if you don’t blink, then you don’t have to go to bed.  The catch is that when your child does blink, they have to turn to the next page.  Each page is filled with fun ways to keep your eyes opened, and it always ends the same way; with slow nods and heavy eyelids.

Square – Mac Barnett

Square is a children’s book that tackles some pretty heavy existential life issues, but the writers Barnett and Klassen created a beautiful, funny, and charming menagerie of a compilation.  The book teaches children to search themselves for what is truly important in terms of social assimilation.

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