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This Christmas I am doing something a little different with my gift giving.  I will be making donations in honor of those on my gift list this year with Plan Canada’s Gifts of Hope . These donations will give a gift that means education and literacy for those in need that will give them hope for the future and allow them to provide for their families.

Just think of the change you can bring into a loved one’s life by giving an ethical gift that gives twice, here and abroad!  You can choose the exact items you want to give and your donation goes directly towards those items.

You can give a gift that fits all price ranges including:

  • Fruit tree
  • School essentials
  • Birth certificate
  • Newborn Checkup
  • Clean water for families

Some of these things we use every day and probably take for granted but to someone else they mean the world.

You also get a FREE greeting card or eCard to send to the person you made a donation in honor of!  You might choose your Mom, a friend or even a neighbor to give in honor of because you know they have everything anyways and why wouldn’t they want to change the lives of some who needs a little hope?

For me giving gifts is more about the meaning behind them not the monetary value.  Giving a Gift of Hope in honor of a loved one to me speaks so much louder than buying them chocolates or a bottle of wine just to buy them something.  Making a difference in someone else’s life is at the top of my list not just purchasing gifts to have something to give.

It doesn’t just stop at giving a Gift of Hope, with a matched gift your donation will be matched by the government, foundation or organizational partner giving more children and families hope for a brighter future.

See how your matched gift can make a difference:

  • Literacy training for 2 women is matched 4 to 1
  • Help equip a school is matched 5 to 1
  • Stock a pharmacy is matched 9 to 1

These gifts will not only impact the receiver but also the person purchasing knowing how many people they have helped.   For me giving the Gift of Hope is like giving the gift of opportunity and we all deserve a fair chance.

Real gifts that help change real lives!

Ordering is simple and easy, order online or with a simple phone call. The gift you choose to donate can be as simple as water, which we take for granted but is needed in so many parts of the world.


Make a difference today and donate a Gift of Hope!


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