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I thought that I should maybe share some of my favourite things with all of you!  If you know me I have a weird sense of humour but am always up for a good time or a good joke!  And trust me I have made an ass of myself on numerous occasions but isn't the best medicine laughter?!

I have no idea how I came across across The Ginger Blog Man but all I can say is I don't regret it!  His blog's tagline is A redhead Irish boy's adventures in life, love and relocation but it is so much more than that.  I was reading some posts this morning and almost peed myself and thought hey, I really need to share this with my peeps!  You can also find him on Facebook – GingerBlogMan and Twitter – @GingerBlogMan.  I think I love his blog the most because it is so honest and I can relate to most of the stuff he posts, my favourite being Man-Boy vs. Logic Vol. 2.  Not to mention peeing yourself while reading it is always a benefit when you're in a  shitty mood!  So do me a favour and check him out, if you like what you see join him on Facebook and/or Twitter!

That's all the sharing for today, hopefully I can find something great for next week.

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