Getting Your Dog’s Coat Glossy


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Anyone who owns a dog knows how important it is to keep them healthy. Part of maintaining their health is ensuring that they look healthy. One of the reasons it's important is that your dog can't just tell you if they feel ill. How healthy they look is a good indication of how healthy they are on the inside. Your dog's coat is one of the important elements of their health. You need to ensure it's glossy and shiny to maintain its health. If you want to ensure that your dog has a healthy coat, there are a few rules you should follow.

Feed Them the Right Food

Most vets will tell you that good nutrition is the key to a healthy and glossy coat for dogs. Choosing the right food for your dog is more complicated than you might think, but it shouldn't be too difficult. The important thing to do is consider which diet is best for your dog, not just which is most affordable. There are a couple of factors you might want to take into account. One is the age of your dog. You can get foods for puppies, adults, and senior dogs. Another thing to consider is if your dog has any special dietary requirements. You can talk to your vet about what your dog should eat.

Groom Regularly

Grooming your dog will help to keep their coat healthy too. How far you go with grooming might depend on a few circumstances. Some owners simply brush their dog to remove any fur that is falling out. Others take their dog to be groomed professionally or you might consider doing it yourself with dog clippers.

If you live somewhere hot, you might need to keep your dog's coat shorter so that they don't overheat. When it comes to baths, an occasional one is a good idea. However, it's important not to bathe your dog too often, as it can be bad for their skin.

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Doggy Supplements

If you want to add to your dog's usual diet, there are some supplements you can use that are good for their coat and skin. For example, you can add a little oil to their food. You can also use pills, such as cod liver oil if they are willing to eat them. You can also add oily fish to their food, such as tuna, salmon, and sardines. You might also want to explore herbal remedies with vitamins and minerals in, as long as you check they are safe for your dog.

Protect Their Coat

It also helps to protect your dog's coat from anything that might harm it. For example, if you spend a lot of time outside with your dog, the elements can affect their coat. The wind, rain, and sunshine might make their coat coarser or less glossy. You can protect them by giving them a dog coat to wear. You can also make sure your dog has somewhere to shelter when they're outside.


It's not difficult to make sure your dog has a glossy coat. Care for their overall health, and they'll look just as healthy as they feel.

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