How to Get Rid Of Bingo Wings At Home


In an age where the media is filled with headlines about dieting or scrutinizing somebody’s body image, it can change your outlook on your body. You may start to look for a reasonable and cost-effective way of losing weight or toning up.

At the top of every budding weight loss enthusiasts list is the removal of those bingo wings. This soft, excess skin on the upper arms is often stereotypically associated with middle aged woman and prolific bingo players.

bingo wings

It may not seem like it but bingo wings aren’t brought about by excessively playing on bingo sites, they are actually the result of things like poor diet and lack of exercise. No matter the cause, once you have them you’ll want to be rid of them, and here’s how:

Healthy Eating Plans

A simple healthier eating regime is the key to preventing those wings from growing. Just replace your fatty and sugary foods with healthy options like vegetables and low carb meals, or modify your diet to suit your lifestyle, in order to start seeing some leaner looking arms.

For help in this department, sites like give good advice on healthy eating.

Exercise Program

Exercise is one of the key ways you can be rid of those wings. Toning up is the best thing you can do for those lax muscles, tightening the skin and strengthening your upper body at the same time.

There are quite a few exercises you can do at home, for example you could start with a few push-ups, bicep curls with a set of dumbbells or a weighted object, chair dips and planks. Doing these exercises regularly will remove the excess fat around your arms and replace it with muscle. Cardio exercise such as jogging or using a treadmill or exercise bike also helps.

Lifestyle Change

This can come in many forms but perhaps most important of all is to try to spend less time sat in front of a computer all day. Sometimes this can’t be helped if you work in an office but it’s important to remember that inactivity can lead to serious health problems like blood clots or spinal problems. Try to take at least a short movement break once an hour to get your body moving.

Fashion Choices

If diet, exercising and a lifestyle change leave you disappointed, don’t worry as you can always just wear more flattering outfits. For example a three-quarter length sleeve on a shirt makes your arms look thinner. You could also opt for sheer fabric in your outfits, not only will this keep your arms cool but it will also help hide the excess skin and lack of muscle tone in your arms.

You could even opt for an outfit that flaunts other parts of you in an effort to distract from your bingo wings.

So if you’re suffering from the bingo wing blues, why not try out a few of our tips to banish those bad bits for good.


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