Generation To Generation: 5 Things Your Kids Can Learn From Your Parents


Children whose grandparents are alive are immensely fortunate! Grandparents have a lot of quality life experience that comes with great life lessons they can teach your kids. It really is amazing how much your kids can learn from the elderly. Here are just a few lessons your parents can teach your kids that can stick with them for eternity.


Valuable Skills

In our age of advanced technology, human abilities are often replaced by machines. When this occurs, children miss the gratification of creativity and working with their hands. Hands on skills children can learn from their grandparents are sewing, baking, gardening, and woodworking. Grandma has home remedies she can dispense for ailments. When it comes to cleaning, her methods are spot-on. states that seniors who survived the Great Depression are adept at recycling and preventing waste. Grandma can teach the use of clothing remnants to make quilts and rag rugs. She knows which food residues can be used as compost and fertilizer, such as egg shells, coffee grounds, and tea bags. Grandma has “secret ingredient recipes” up her sleeves! Granddad can teach kids basic car maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotation. On a camping trip, he can demonstrate building a fire, pitching a tent, and knotting rope. Kids are fascinated by animal tracks and compass navigation.


While cooking and baking with Grandma, kids learn courtesy and table manners. By tending a garden, they develop respect for our environment. With Grandpa, they're trained in self-reliance. reports that children skilled in home repair can save thousands of dollars in service fees!



Respect – Grandparents display character traits that are fading from society. One of them is respecting authority. Developing this merit aids their relationship with you. It's also vital for interacting with teachers, neighbors, and police. Later in life when kids are employed, respecting authority promotes workplace success.


Grandparents love to lavish gifts on their family. However, sharing and giving aren't inborn traits. They must be cultivated, preferably early in life. Being rich in heart delivers huge dividends. When kids are generous, their actions launch a boomerang effect. Benevolent deeds ensure their needs will be met. Grandparents' lives bear witness to this.


Your parents embody empathy. This quality is evident in their relationship with your family. Life coach Tony Fahkry emphasizes the necessity for compassion in our world. As an example, he cites the plight of a single mother who's unemployed. She hasn't the cash to buy Christmas gifts for her two children. Her neighbors organize a collection, and purchase a Christmas tree and presents for the kids. Can you imagine the positive impact on this family?


Without thankfulness, kids become emotionally hollow. By interacting with your parents, they learn to appreciate what they have and receive. cites the importance of writing thank-you notes, a dying courtesy your parents can resurrect. Simply the Best advises that thankfulness is key to sustaining joy in life. When kids realize their good fortune, they become grateful and can find a lot more joy in life.

Prioritizing Family

Grandparents understand the rewards of putting family first. Material possessions are limited in providing fulfillment. Meaningful relationships make life worthwhile. The bonds your children forge with your folks underscore the gift of having relatives. A family is a support group you inherit. Kids have a backup system at the ready when life is challenging. Over time, they learn the value of placing family needs at the forefront of their lives.



Grandparents know firsthand the benefits of commitment and diligence. They exemplify a work ethic, by which kids learn to exert their best effort in all endeavors. Your parents can help your children set goals and show how to achieve them, step by step. In this way, kids become disciplined in homework, chores, and practicing good habits.



When kids lack the ability to bounce back from adversity, they become emotionally weak. To handle despair and depression, they may resort to unhealthy behaviors. In your parents, kids have models of inner strength. When grandparents share survival stories, kids learn how to overcome hardship. If your parents have health challenges, your kids benefit by observing how they cope. They see that although life can be rough, difficulties are manageable. When your kids encounter disappointment, rejection, or failure, they'll know how to persevere.


Safeguarding Senior Health

Medical equipment protects the health of older loved ones. At home, seniors with compromised respiratory function need reliable medical support. Luckily places such as Corner Home Medical can provide both respiratory supplies and guidance for their use. Things like this can teach kids at a young age how to really take care of people, especially those they love. Be sure to take the time to let your kids help out with the medical needs of your parents where you see it being appropriate.


Golden Role Models

Your parents are in a prime position to have a positive influence on your kids. Through their example, children can learn:

  • valuable skills
  • virtues
  • prioritizing family
  • discipline
  • resilience


Your parents are a treasure of unconditional love. Officially, Grandparents Day is the Sunday following Labor Day. In addition to annually honoring the holiday, let's celebrate grandparents every day of our lives!

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