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As you can probably tell this month I am focusing a lot of sticking to a healthier lifestyle and helping you do the same.  I am giving myself a new challenge every week to try to eat healthier, drink more water and exercise.  Did you see the taco seasoning recipe that cuts out a ton of sodium?  This week I focused on adding more fruits and veggies to my diet.  A fun printable the kids and I used to track our progress was this fruit and veggie journal.

fruit and veggie journal printable

Grab your copy of the fruit and veggie journal printable and keep it somewhere you see it all the time like on the fridge!  I laminated mine so I can use it over and over rather than printing a new one each week.  Super easy challenge this week!  My favorite was apples with a little cinnamon sugar as a dessert.

The recommended serving of fruit and vegetables a day is 5-10 so with a few ideas and an easy journal you'll be well on your way to getting your daily intake!  A few of the ideas I share on the printable are:

  • add fruit to your cereal/oatmeal
  • add veggies to pasta dishes
  • add veggies to an omelet
  • juice fruits and veggies
  • freeze grapes for a cool snack
  • make a smoothie
  • stir extra veggies into soup

There are a ton of other great tips out there like salads, DIY stocks, and tomato and mushroom sauce!  Don't forget the old favorite of every kid (and adult) veggies and dip!  Delish.

What's your biggest challenge lately?

fruit and veggie journal printable

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