Frugal Family Holiday: Get Rich Relaxing


So many parents face the summer with a feeling of senseless guilt. Either because they’re taking time off from work and making a living, or because they’re not spending time with their children because they have to make a living; no matter the reason, it’s a shit feeling. We should be able to take time off from work and do some actual living, so why not scrap that sense of guilt this summer and just enjoy the season? With these simple tips, you can have a fantastic holiday while also saving up a bit of money – and you’ll barely even notice it. Trust me.

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Before Booking: Keep your options open

The first thing you should look into is to make the tickets as cheap as possible. It’s the one place you can really save a lot – if you only find the best deals. Keeping your destinations open is also a good advice; some tickets booked last minute can be yours for next to nothing a day or two before the flight. Check out this article for some of the best places for the cheapest tickets online., for example, has an excellent calendar so that you get all the lowest fare for the month you’d like to travel. Keep in mind that some months are a lot cheaper than others – if you’re able to, plan your trips abroad for after summer and just like that, you’ve doubled your savings. If you’re not that into the thought of an open holiday, have a look here to start for planning your next destination.

When Booking: Indirect flights

If you don’t mind spending a bit of time in airports, take advantage of the low prices on indirect flight. Even though it feels a bit like a drag to get off the plane and on again, reality is that you’ve been sitting for a long time and your legs would love a walk. Get your blood flowing a bit, do a bit of duty-free shopping and save money at the same time – what’s not to like?

After Booking: Get the best deals

If you’ve found the cheapest ticket you can, it’s time to plan the rest of your travel wisely. First, make sure that you haven’t overpacked; many frustrated travellers have been forced to pay up when checking in, due to overweight baggage. Next, take advantage of cheap deals online – you’ll find some good ones from  Look at booking your accommodation through private hosts rather than an expensive hotel – I’ve stayed at Airbnb a couple of times myself, and it’s just as easy as it’s affordable.

Holidays is the perfect time to spend with your family, rest and recharge; but it doesn’t mean that you have to be broke by the time August arrives. A lot of money can be spend if you’re prepared on planning a bit – or if you’re prepared on not planning at all. Happy holidays!

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