From Little League To Sports Superstar: How To Ignite Your Child’s Sporting Passion


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Do you think that your child sits in front of the TV too much? Or maybe they spend way too long on their games console and computer. This is a common problem that most parents will face at one point or another. Thankfully, there is a way that you can turn your little couch potato into a real go-getter. And that is by introducing them to sports! Hopefully, they will pick up the sporting bug, and will swap their screens for the pitch! Do you think your child just isn’t made for sports? I’m sure that’s not true! Here are some steps you should take to ignite their sporting passions!

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Let Them Choose Their Own Sport

You should introduce your child to a number of sports at a young age. The most common ones that parents try and get kids into include American football, soccer, and tennis. Once they know all about a few different sports, give them some breathing space so that you can see which one they are more into. If they do want to focus on just one single sport, you should let this be their own choice. Don’t pressure them into a sport which you think would be best, as they may not enjoy it quite as much as you think. By letting them choose their own sport, they will be more likely to find something they love and have a real passion for.

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It's Not Just About Playing

To make sure your child gets really into the sport, you should consider doing more than just playing it. For instance, if your child really enjoys AFL, why not take them to see a game? They will love the atmosphere in the big stadium. Going to watch a game is also a great way to get your kid into certain teams. Once your child has a favourite team, they will love going to watch their favourite players do their bit out on the pitch! Think your child is ready for their very first game? If so, you can buy your AFL tickets online.

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Don’t Overdo It

There will certainly be times when your child doesn’t particularly feel like going out to play a game with their friends or going to their training sessions. If they start moaning and complaining about going, it is important that you don’t pressure them too much into going. Otherwise, they will only get very stressed out and might start to associate their sport with stress. If this continues, they could end up hating their sport and could drop out of training. And then you will have a couch potato back again!

Don’t Let Them Burnout

Similarly, it is important that your child doesn’t get too into their sport and push themselves to burnout. They shouldn’t let the sport take over from their schoolwork, as that is still their number one priority. Make sure that they have no more than three training sessions a week so that they don’t get too wrapped up in all the training.

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