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Many of you out there are probably looking for somewhere to backup your pictures or store them for access later that is inexpensive or FREE.  Well I have a site you need to check out – Secure Capsule!

The benefits I've found from Secure Capsule include:

  • store photos online free – 20 GB of space
  • easily upload photos, documents, you name it
  • easily access your files for downloading anytime
  • upgrade your storage space and save up to $420/year
  • no credit card required for FREE sign up

Why is Secure Capsule so Inexpensive or FREE?

Your storage space is what's called archiving, basically it is is storing files you don't access frequently and keeping them for long periods of time.  These files are kept in a datacentre which are big rooms full of computers and disks, the datacentres that store your files are provided by Amazon Inc.  Yes you did read that right, it is the same company that runs!  Secure Capsule supports secure transfer of your data so there is no need to worry that someone is going to steal your information.  The only downside is you can wait up to 4 hours for your files to move from “cold storage” to “hot storage”, but if you aren't using these files anyways then this really isn't a big deal.

The 3 important questions you need to answer NOW

1.  Do you have a large amount of data that isn't accessed frequently?

2.  Do you need to store data long term?

3.  Do you find online storage too expensive?

If you answered yes to any of these then Secure Capsule is for you!  It is affordable, safe, easy, and a great idea for anyone who wants to keep their pictures, documents, or files safe.

Why I like Secure Capsule

I have to say that I signed up for an account and was pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to use and how much space you get for FREE!!  20GB can hold about 8000 photos!!  Now that is pretty amazing.  I know that I can easily snap a couple hundred photos on one of our family adventure days.  Or if you want to clear those old files off of your computer that you probably will never use but still want to keep just in case they make it easy.

Visit Secure Capsule today to find out more or connect with them on Facebook!

This is a sponsored post but you really need to check them out, you won't be dissapointed!!

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