Five Ways to Encourage A Lifetime Love of Learning


We all want our children to succeed and develop a lifelong love of learning but we have to respect our child's development levels at the same time.  Every child has different needs and abilities, each learns in their own way and at their own pace.

Five Ways to Encourage A Lifetime Love of Learning

Here are five ways to encouraging early literacy because your child's lifetime love of learning begins here!

1. It's Never Too Early to Start Reading

…for an adult, that is. Your child is never too young for you to read to him or her. Even newborns can benefit greatly from being read to, sources say.  Keep up the habit – reading to your child is the number one thing you can do to encourage a love of reading.

2. Accessibility

This one is so obvious you may not have thought about it! Keep appropriate books on a low level so crawling infants can explore them. Children can develop a life-long love of a character, genre, or topic just from discovering it themselves.

3. Choose Books and Subjects They Like

Choose Books and Subjects They Like

Remember the whole point of reading is to encourage literacy!  Choose books, magazines and even online content that taps into your child's interests or better yet let them pick!

4. Rhyming Games and Books

Rhyming Games and Books

Did you know that by making up rhymes and playing rhyming games will foster a love of words and language?  Just remember to keep it light-hearted and fun!

We love Dr. Suess and the I Can Read series.

5. Find A School that Fosters A Passion for Learning

A love of literacy, language and reading is a gift you can give your children. It's never too early to get started!


By believing in our children we can make a difference in our future and theirs!

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