Five Simple Tips For Kids To Eat Healthier During The Holidays


Just like we have food choices to deal with over the holidays so do our kids.  You know how hard it is to turn down our favorite sweets put yourself in your kids shoes and things get that much harder, with all the goodies in sight it is like written permission to have junk food 24/7.  It is important to show them how to make healthy choices and be happy with them even with the candy calling their name!

Five Simple Tips For Kids To Eat Healthier During The Holidays

1. Take The Children To The Grocery Store With You

Take the children to the store with you and let them have their say in what should be served. You can explain to them the importance of eating fruits and vegetables and let them chose the one they want to have on the table. Your kids will enjoy the meal more if they know they contributed to it.

2. Experiment With Food

When preparing food for a holiday gathering or meal take the opportunity to try something new. Introduce new foods to the menu and prepare healthy meals for the family. The children will be curious to try out the new culinary masterpieces.

3. Bring The Kids To The Kitchen

Let the kids help you while you cook. This will be a fun game for them and you can use the moment to tell them the importance of eating healthy. Kids feel proud when they help with the cooking process and will be more likely to try a few new things.

4. Establish An Eating Routine

During holidays, many of us make the mistake of eating little during the day and saving room for the festive family dinner.  This leads to unhealthy eating habits, overeating and fatigue.  It's important to teach your children proper eating habits at an early age, eat normally during the day with your family and give one or two healthy snacks to your kids throughout the day.

Make sure they drink enough water during the day and of course limit the sugary drinks!

5. End The Day On A Healthy Note

Kids need time to play outside to run off steam and burn off those extra sugar calories. Take them to the park, walk around the block or let them run around in the yard. Physical activity is a crucial part of healthy living and is strongly linked to eating well.


Healthy food can be fun for the entire family – you’ll simply need to put a bit of effort into the process.

Set the ground work and the healthy choices will follow!

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