First Responder: A Short Guide to Taking Care of Your Family After A Car Accident


There’s no real way to prepare for a car accident. While you don’t know exactly what will happen after such an incident, there are steps you can follow that will help you keep your family safer. Below is a quick guide to making sure you can take care of your family.


Help Yourself

If your family has been involved in an accident, you are likely to be more worried about them than yourself. While this instinct is noble, it’s also misguided. If you want to help your family, you need to first make sure you are in a position to do so. Failure to keep yourself safe might not just put you at risk, but might make it harder to help your family. Check yourself for major injuries before you start working on helping your family so you are able to know your own limits. If you don’t take stock of your condition, you can make injuries worse for yourself and for others. It may be difficult, but if you’re injured, you simply must stay out of the way if you can help it. This doesn’t mean you can’t help at all, but do make sure you take care of yourself.


Call for Help

Once you’ve got yourself free of the accident, it’s up to you to make sure that someone calls for help. If you are alone after the accident, make sure you can call 911 to let the authorities know what has happened. If others are around, task someone in the crowd with making the call while you move on to help your family more directly. Making a phone call can seem difficult when you are trying to secure the safety of your family, but it’s one of the most important things you can do.


Call an Attorney

Once you are clear of the accident, you will need to start looking at the future. If you have spent money on medical bills or on vehicle repairs, one of the best ways you can provide for your family is to call a good attorney. A lawyer like those at Zovodnick, Perlmutter & Boccia LLC will walk you through whether you actually have cause to bring a suit and help you to decide what to do next. In many cases, this may be as simple as making sure you have someone else on your side when you talk to the insurance company. With a lawyer’s help, you can help your family get the compensation you need to take care of medical bills, damages, and getting life back in order.


If your family is involved in an accident, make sure you are ready to help them. Check on yourself and call the authorities if you can, but always make sure to put the most effort where it will be the most useful. After your family is out of immediate danger, it will be time to decide what comes next. You’ll need an attorney’s help to get your life back to something resembling normal.

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