Finding And Enjoying Me – Time When You Have Children


Finding And Enjoying Me - Time When You Have Children

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Once you have children, me-time goes from an occasional thing to a ‘HA, I wish thing’! So, how you can you get that back?


Don’t feel guilty if you need some space occasionally

First up, it is really important that you eradicate any feelings of guilt early on. You can have children who you love and care for dearly and still want some time alone. This is totally normal, nothing to be ashamed of and certainly nothing to hide.


Learn how to make the most of your night’s sleep

When you have children, you need your sleep more than ever before! However, the irony is, this can be harder than ever before! So, take a little time to research methods of getting a more restful night's sleep. Blogs, vlogs and advice sites like can help! There could be a dozen things you are doing wrong! Maybe you’re regularly eating a food just before bed that makes lying down for bed uncomfortable. Maybe you’re drinking caffeine later into the evening than you should be. Or maybe you’re doing something with the intention of helping that is actually making you sleep worse. Take SAD lights for example. You may have invested in one to give you energy over the winter months. However, the light it gives you sparks your brain into activity. Using one just before bed as a reading lamp could actually be the cause of having a bad night's sleep. This is a great example of how sometimes even the best intentions can sometimes make things worse.


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Swap out the commute for something more fulfilling

When it comes to your commute to and from work every weekday, this can be a respite from your kids, So, why not find ways to make it more respite like! How about a heated seat warmer for the winter months? Order some new easy listening CD’s, and get the heating and air-con fixed once and for all. These minor changes will make the environment nicer for you. Alternatively, don’t forget that there are loads of ways to get to and from work without a car. is a handy guide. How about getting fit, getting to work and getting smug by cycling to work occasionally!? The fresh air and early morning workout could be just what you need to kick-start your day.


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Find a space in your house to your call your own

So, that’s your evening sorted, and a portion of your work days. But what about your weekends, evenings and days off? You can both find and enjoy some ‘me-time’ by having a space in your home you can call your own. Whether you find the space in your bedroom or renovate the basement or attic for it, it’s worth doing. That bit of distance from the partner or family every now and again could be a God-send! If there really isn’t any room in the house, look at stretching to the garden. Could you renovate the old shed, or maybe invest in a summer house?

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