Financial Errors Families Make At The Car Dealership


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It’s always an exciting time when you decide to get a new family car. After all, you get a brand new set of wheels which you can drive your family around in. And it can make things like taking the kids to school much easier. But getting a new car can put a strain on your finances. After all, the cost of the car plus the insurance and petrol can be expensive. And a lot of families make mistakes which can harm their funds before they have even left the garage. In fact, here are some financial errors families make at the car dealership which can leave them out of pocket!

Accepting unnecessary extras

It’s so easy to get drawn into a conversation over extras when it’s time to purchase the vehicle. After all, you hear words like safety features and better guarantees, and it can spark your interest. But a lot of the time you can end up wasting money on extras which are just not needed. For thing, the car might already have a lot of safety features to protect your family. Check out the feature list and do your own research before you agree to these extras. As for a guarantee, you need to ensure that your insurance doesn’t cover you for the same things. Otherwise, you might have just splurged on a warranty with the garage which is a waste of money.

Opting for the dealer’s finance option

For a lot of people, they now get their car on finance rather than paying out for it in one go. After all, it can make it a lot more affordable if they can just pay monthly for the vehicle. However, a lot of families make the mistake of opting to go with the dealer’s car finance. And while it might be a good deal, it could also potentially be more than what you might pay with other companies. And then you could end up shelling out way more money than you have to every month. Therefore, make sure you go away and research the best rates for car loans before agreeing on any loan with the garage. And that way, it will stop you potentially making a big financial error! Just make sure you tell them the price you found. After all, they might match it in the hope of securing finance with you.

Not checking if the vehicle is cheaper elsewhere

It’s easy to fall in love with a specific car when we are looking at the car dealership. After all, it might be perfect for our family. But before you sign on the dotted line, you need to look elsewhere to see if the same make is cheaper. After all, it might save you a ton of money on the price of the car. As well as looking at other dealers, make sure you check out private sellers too. After all, they might be selling it for a lot cheaper rate. Just make sure you check the service history first if you take the car off a private seller’s hands!

And remember to always check what’s included in the price. After all, you don’t want to find you have paid extra for things like car mats when it wasn’t essential!

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