Filling the Family Void: 5 Reasons to Consider Adopting a Baby


Whether you’ve already got several kids of your own, or you’re just preparing to start a family, adoption is an exciting avenue to consider. Not only do you become connected to a child who will steal your heart, but you’ll have a chance to totally transform that child’s future from what could have been into what will be. Here are a few reasons to consider adoption.

You Can Provide

If you’re the type of person who enjoys helping others anyway, how incredible is it to have an opportunity to be able to provide for every need of another person? Not only that, but this person was likely on a trajectory that would find them in a very difficult situation, but because they have been adopted, that is no longer a worry. Being a provider is an incredible gift and privilege and you can experience that through adoption.

You Help a Dream Come True

It’s easy to understand that a child’s deepest need and desire is simply to be wanted and loved. Through adoption, you help that dream become a reality for a precious girl or boy. Though the process of adoption may help you realize some dreams of your own you never knew you had, the fact is that you’re changing a child’s life by fulfilling one of their deepest longings and needs.

You Have a Good Team

The process of adoption can be quite daunting. That is why it’s important to have a good team on your side made up of both supporters and professional resources such as those at A Child’s Dream. Ensuring you choose the right agency for your family is crucial to starting on the right foot, so ask those who have gone through the process before to recommend reputable agencies with solid resources to assist you.

You Want to Fulfill a Need

Sometimes you might encounter a child who’s in an absolutely desperate situation, and you’re one of the only people who can help them. In this case, being able to reach into their desperation and give them hope is a great motivation to adopt. While you will certainly provide much joy and happiness to your child, the positivity will be reciprocal, as you receive love and joy back from your child, as well.

You Want to Grow Your Family

If you consider that over 1.5 million children are adopted annually in the United States, you might realize that you don’t necessarily need a “noble” reason to want to adopt a child. If you just love kids and are open to growing your family, adoption is a great way to do that. Though all the other good things listed above will still be true of your adoption story, that doesn’t have to be your primary motivation starting out. So long as you don’t have a negative motivation at the outset, simply wanting more children to love is perfectly acceptable and can certainly result in a great adoption experience.

Always Reaching Out

Even if you’re not quite to the point where you’re ready to adopt, there’s likely someone in your sphere of influence who is currently pursuing adoption. Until you decide to dive in, support this friend or family member as much as you can. Share in their joy, support them financially, and be a welcoming and caring adult figure to the child once they join their forever family. Though they may not be your own child, spreading joy to other adopted children can be an experience that leaves a mark on both of you for a lifetime.

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