Fashion for Families: 4 Dressing Tips Your Youngsters


When you have young children it can be overwhelming to keep up on trends while buying clothes for their constantly growing bodies. Having fashionable clothing without breaking the bank can seem impossible. With buying new clothes, fixing old clothes and keeping up with the laundry, you might feel like your youngster's clothing needs are taking over your life. We have compiled four easy tips for dressing youngsters that will make your life a lot easier.

Fashion for Families 4 Dressing Tips Your Youngsters

Clothing for Toddlers and Babies

Clothing for very young children is fun because they typically don't have an opinion about their clothes yet. Parents get to make all the decisions and creatively pick out cute, matching outfits each morning. With young children, it is smart to steer away from a lot of white clothing. Babies spit up on clothes and toddlers are curious and get dirty throughout the day, white clothing doesn't last or look nice as long as colors. You want to remember that little children should be comfortable; they are scooting, crawling and learning to walk/run, keep them in clothes that are cute but allow them to be mobile. When they become toddlers, start giving them choices and letting them help dress themselves. This will set them up to be more independent in the future.

Clothing for Kids

Middle-aged children can start to be a bit more opinionated about what they will or won't wear. Try to take them shopping and involve them in the process. Some companies, like Southern Tots, realize that it’s a good idea to allow them to start picking out their own outfits independently. At this age, most children are involved in formal schooling during the day. It is a great idea to separate your child's clothing into ‘school' clothes and ‘home clothes'. School clothes are nicer and home clothes are more relaxed and clothes that are comfortable to play in. This will keep their clothes for school nicer for longer.

Budget for Clothes

Kids are constantly growing and need new clothes all the time. It is a good idea to set aside some money each month to purchase clothes for your family. A few things you can do to make that money stretch the furthest is: save clothes and use them as hand me downs for other children or sell them, shop at second hand stores or yard sales, sign up at your favorite stores to receive coupons and discounts, and learn how to do simple mends on the clothes your kids already own. All of these things will save you money when dressing your family fashionably.

Stay Updated on Trends

To stay up to date on trends and get ideas and inspiration, follow other families, your favorite stores/shops or celebrities on social media. You already spend time on social media; make that time useful by adding a few people or places that can provide you with ideas and inspiration when dressing your family. There are also plenty of different Pinterest boards that can help provide ideas for dressing youngsters.

Dressing your family doesn't have to be an overwhelming burden. Following these tips will help you keep your children looking their best without breaking the bank. You will also start to involve your children from a young age in the process of choosing clothing and dressing themselves, paving the road for them to be more independent and well-dressed in the future.


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