Family Travels: 5 Things You Need for a Successful Road Trip


You want to take your family on an interesting and exciting trip, but traveling with children can be difficult. There are several ways to prepare for your journey so it will not be stressful or overwhelming. Here are a few ideas of how to make your family road trip successful.

Before you leave your home, be sure that everything is in order. Alarms should be turned on, pets placed in a kennel or with friends, and plants watered. Check all burners and hair accessories to be sure they are turned completely off. Leave a spare key with a trusted friend in case you forget a final task before leaving. You do not want to have to turn around and go back when you are a hundred miles out of town. Be sure you have all of your insurance and medical information with you. Pack a power source for all of your phone, tablet and laptop needs. You will always want to have communication in the case of an emergency, and it is a plus to be able to research destinations and tourist spots on the way.

Pack everything so it is easy to get at. Those items that will be needed in the car during travel should be in a separate bag, and all other articles stored in the back or in the trunk. Hang organizer bags over the backs of the front seats so necessary items are at the fingertips of the passengers. Be ready for emergencies with a first aid kit, sunscreen, prescription medicine, and pain relievers. If anyone has a tendency to get carsick, always pack an over-the counter medicine that will assist with this.

If there are no rules during travel, everyone will begin stepping on each the others' toes. Make definite rules pertaining to eating and drinking in the car, how often they will be able to take a bathroom break, who gets to sit up front or by the windows, and whose job it is to supervise small children. Rotate assignments to make it fair and keep arguments to a minimum. Putting these rules in place before the trip will ensure that everyone is aware of what is expected of them.

A Plan
Having structure and routine during a trip is just as important on the road as it is at home. Keep bedtime hours at the same time, eat meals when you are used to eating, and honor all of those family rituals that will comfort small children.

Make a point of taking a short day trip with your family a few weeks previous to the big road trip. This will help iron out any glitches. If your children misbehave, you may wish to reconsider the length of your journey or your destination.

Traveling with youngsters does not have to be a tension-fraught experience. It can be a relaxing, enjoyable time to spend some quality time with your youngsters and spouse. Following these preceding rules will make for a road trip you will never forget.

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