Family Travel in the Philippines


I love exploring new places with the family and look forward to a picking a new destination every year.  We always pick a few places and do research on them before making a final decision, this year I wanted to research the Philippines.

I've heard many good things about the Philippines including the diverse culture, people and how affordable it is for family travel.  With no language barriers and welcoming attitude of the country, it is one of our top destinations to consider.

Family Travel in the Philippines

Let's take a closer look at what the Philippines has to offer for families.

Family Friendly Resorts –  the Filipino culture revolves around family which means when you stay at a resort in the country they know how to put family first and treat you right. Through sites like, you can find amazing resorts and accommodations at affordable prices located on the pristine beaches of the country.  Don't forget to pack your swimsuit!

Beaches and Islands – You’ll find your next paradise on the stunning islands, pristine white sand beaches, and calm turquoise waters.  With an average temperature of 26°C, you’re guaranteed amazing beach days in breathtaking spots.  You can also rent some of the small islands to enjoy a more relaxed stay.

Nature – With a diverse wildlife and many natural wonders including caves, lakes, and waterfalls you'll be in for breathtaking sights.  One of the unique places to visit is the world's smallest active volcano of Taal.

Massage/Spa treatments – Rumor is treatments are affordable and found everywhere!  Treating yourself to a little R&R while on vacation won't be a problem in the Philippines.

Food –  For me, a huge part of exploring a new country is the food, we love to taking food tours while exploring new destinations.  You can learn a lot about different cultures by the way they prepare and serve their meals.   Filipino food is a mix of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese and American cuisine.  You can expect delicious food that is affordable and fresh everywhere you go.

Fun local transportation – Explore like a local and try out the motorcycles with sidecars for short trips and for longer hauls the Jeepney!  Jeepneys are like a cross between a bus and a jeep. They are the most common form of public transport throughout the many islands of the Philippines, they have open windows and are constantly packed with people because of their affordability.

Shopping – one of the biggest shopping malls, SM City North EDSA, in the world is found in Quezon City and features over 1000 stores. As of right now the Philippines has 3 of the top 10 largest malls in the world.  Keep an eye out for handcrafted goods, they will make the perfect souvenir.

Whether you're looking for the buzz of the city or seclusion of a private island the Philippines meets all your family travel needs.

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