Family Piggy Bank: 4 Strategies To Watch Your Savings Grow


Growing your family is usually incompatible with growing your savings: problems pop up, unexpected expenses arise, one kid wants flute lessons or the other needs braces. In this day and age, it's necessary to save throughout life in order to ensure you and your loved ones have a tidy nest egg not just for emergencies, but also for large, planned costs like retirement and college. When it comes to your family's future, you want to make the most efficient and effective choices, maximizing the investments you make and the gains they earn to establish a stable financial outlook. For this, experts recommend things likeā€¦


Start Yesterday

The best time to start saving money was ten years ago, but the next best time is today. With compound interest, earnings stashed away for years will reap a whopping chunk of change if left to accumulate, untouched, at a decent percentage. Putting only small amounts away might be discouraging, but watching the molehill grow to a mountain is satisfying and worthwhile, and as your capital grows, you'll have more leverage for bigger and better investments. Scaling your savings contribution with your income helps to maximize on financial upticks and weather downturns, but don't count on a future higher salary or unexpected windfalls for establishing your savings; consistency over a lengthier period of time is much more secure and predictable and maximizes the earning years over which you can build your savings.


Pay Yourself, First

Turn saving money into a budget item and you'll astonish yourself with how easily your account burgeons. For a particularly aggressive savings plan, appropriate those funds before even bills and necessities; this is the best way to be positive the money you want to put away isn't eaten up by other things. Get into the mindset that your take home minus your savings is your true monthly budget and you'll find it easier to adjust your lifestyle to your means while contributing to your financial future.


Take Risks

Depending on your timeline and your savings goal, you'll want a certain percentage of your assets in low-risk investments like money market funds, municipal or savings bonds, annuities, etc. To really rake in the big bucks, however, you've got to be willing to take some risks. Putting a portion of your capital into higher-risk investments like peer to peer lending, mutual funds, or the stock market might feel intimidating, but with the potential for massive return on investment, completely writing off the less certain investment options leaves a rocky road to a secure financial future.


Save Raises

One of the major reasons it's so difficult for people to save money is the quickness with which we adjust our lifestyle to our incomes. A big raise might feel like a major stepping stone toward overflowing savings, but oftentimes, spending will ramp up to eat most or all of the new extra income. To abate this, the Retirement Plan Blog recommends a crafty strategy: save all (or most) of your raises. At companies with built in raises or in cases of rapid career advancement, this plan can mean growing a massive savings in very little time; with the raises squirreled away as soon as they come in, your family's lifestyle won't change, while your savings will go up exponentially.


Do Research

Reading up on current market and investment trends is the best way to be certain you're making the most effective moves for your family. There are a number of experts who have interesting tricks and cutting-edge strategies for how to eke out the most money from the market; learning from them is as easy as picking up some investing books. Books like this can really teach you a lot and keep you informed about the financial world.


Take hold of your family's future and start amassing the wealth you'll rely on later in life today. When it comes to investing, there's no time like the present: interests waits for no man. With these tips and a bit of financial savvy, you're well on your way to setting aside the savings your family needs.

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