Family Moving: 5 Practical Short-Term Solutions for In-Between the Move


Moving is stressful because leaving the previous occupancy and entering a new one isn’t seamless. Gaps need filling, and a common gap to fill is living arrangements. Temporary housing exists to fill the in-between time. It works for moving day gaps, real estate closing delays, scheduling issues, and relocation hiccups. Temporary housing ranges from a room offered by another occupant to a luxury apartment.


Friends and Family

Move past the moving-back-in-with-parents embarrassment and embrace moving back home as a temporary option. If you can co-exist with the hospitable family member, it’s the cheapest option on the list. You can move into a sibling or a friend’s house too. The friend or family member will offer shelter for a few weeks or months. Payment (or not) depends on the person.



A tenant requests someone to take over lease arrangements until his or her return, and you oblige. This is subletting, and it’s a win-win for all. The tenant can focus on his/her obligations while you have somewhere to stay for a short-term. Likewise, this is a short-term rental housing option, so respect the space. An online search will lead you to sublet options in the desired location.


Rental Housing

Six-month gaps, one-year gaps, 18-month, or two-year gaps should consider rental housing as a solution. Six-month leases charge a higher monthly payment due to the short-term availability. Most leases are at minimum a year. Enjoy excellent apartment and local amenities. Unfortunately, most home and apartment housing don’t have furniture so you will need to unpack North Star Mini Storage items temporarily and repack after use.


Hotels & Motels

Traditional hotels and motels charge per night. Individually, motel prices are inexpensive, but you compromise quality, safety, and amenities. Hotels offer room service, housekeeping, internet, and cable amenities along with safety and quality, but prepare to pay the high cost.

Extended stay hotels offer discounts for clients staying over seven days. The discounted rate reduces the money paid per night. Besides standard hotel amenities, extended stay hotels offer a kitchenette, kitchen items, and laundry facilities.


Corporate Housing

Alternatively named “Executive Rentals,” these furnished luxury apartments, houses, lofts, and condominiums are move-in ready. If you’re willing to pay the cost and stay the minimum number of days, you can enjoy maximum hotel and apartment amenities too. Clients can stay as long as needed without unloading storage belongings.

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