Family Health: 3 Steps For Warding Off Winter Colds


When the children are back in school and the cold weather arrives, it’s a certainty that cold and flu season will soon follow. But you can take a number of proactive measures to reduce the number of colds your family acquires during the winter months. Simple actions like getting sufficient rest and eating well can help to improve your body’s ability to withstand attacks from cold germs. Here are 3 important tips you can implement that have a measurable effect on your ability to resist the germs that cause the common cold.

1 –Practice Good Hand Sanitation

The most common ways cold germs are spread is through hand-to-hand and hand-to-face contact. You can reduce your risk of spreading germs by practicing good hand sanitation habits. Wash your hands frequently, especially when you are in crowds and in public places. Use hand sanitizer throughout the day. Avoid touching your face, biting your nails or other hand-to-face contact. If you are in a public space and have to cough or sneeze, use the “face-into-sleeve” technique. This strategy will help to reduce the amount of germs spread to other people.

2—Use Separate Cups And Utensils

Children often share water bottles, straws, cups and eating utensils with their friends, and this is a major source of transmission of cold germs. When cold and flu season arrives, remind your children about not sharing these items, so they can not only avoid colds, but also avoid passing their own cold germs to others. Parents can help to instill this health measure by setting a good example at home and keeping food and drink containers identified with each user, during cold and flu season.

3—Improve Your Immune System Function

Another way you can help to prevent colds is to boost your immune system during cold and flu season. Add more green, leafy vegetables and colorful fruits to your daily diet, which will increase the amount of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you receive. Keep strawberries, blueberries and citrus fruits available for snacking. This action will help to increase your body’s ability to fight off germs and can help you to have fewer colds during the winter. You can also help your body resist colds by improving indoor air with an air filter or humidifier, like those offered by A & A Service Company, to prevent drying out of nasal passages and help keep the air cleaner.

The condition of your immune system determines how susceptible you are to picking up a cold germ. You can improve your odds of staying cold free by stepping up your self-care strategy during the winter months. These 3 tips are recommended to help you resist colds and prevent more serious secondary infections if you do catch a cold. Follow these tips, and you will be able to enjoy a healthier winter season.


  1. This time of year, my family seems to pass colds around. I do try and wash hands religiously, especially before meals. I also try to get plenty of sleep and eat a balanced diet.

  2. These are definitely good tips. I try to wash my hands a lot, especially right after I get home from being out. And I’ve been taking supplements for my immune system, like zinc and elderberry syrup.

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