Family Fitness: Get Your Kids Involved In Your Workout


When you have kids, you discover just how important it is to organize your time. It turns out that children take up a pretty sizeable chunk of your life and when you combine that with things like work and keeping the house clean, then it can be seriously difficult to make time for yourself. This goes double for trying to stay fit and healthy. It can be tough enough to motivate yourself to workout regularly, even when you don't have to arrange your time around all the other things that you have going on in your life. But there is one solution that allows you to easily kill two birds with one stone. Why not get your kids involved with your workout? Of course, not every type of exercise is going to be perfect for your little ones; it's unlikely anyone at the gym is going to thank you for bringing them along! Fortunately, however, there are plenty of types of exercise that are absolutely perfect for getting your kids involved. Here are just a few of them.


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As long as your kids are able to swim, then this is perfect for just about everyone. If you want to swim lengths of the pool, then you're going to get an amazing full body working that gets your blood pumping and helps you build up muscle strength. And your kids can enjoy splashing around, chasing each other and generally just having a silly, fun time. Even if you're playing with them and you're not constantly focussed on your workout, simply being in the water is a great way to stay active and exercise.


Kids love riding their bikes. One of the best parts of being a kid is getting to ride around at high speeds, imagining that you're in a race or that you're actually on the seat of a high-powered motorbike. And for you, cycling is an excellent way to stay fit while getting out in the fresh air. It's also a great, low impact workout that isn't going to put too much strain on your body. You can even take a getaway with them so that you can find some new and exciting places to cycle. If you get a bike rack for your car, then there's no limit to where you can go together. You can even turn it into a full vacation, spending a few days riding around and exploring new places.

Dance party!

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You don't always have to get out and do “serious exercise” in order to have a great workout and spend time with your kids. Why not just find some music that you all love, crank up the volume and have yourselves a dance party in the living room. You'll all end up crying with laughter, and you really will be surprised at just how out of breath you'll end up being at the end of it. Not only is it a create activity to do with your kids and a great workout, but it's also a great way of relieving any stress that might have built up throughout the day.

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