The Fall Family Reunion: 7 Things for a Successful Family Party


Family reunions are an important occasion that allows you to spend time with your relatives. You’ll get the chance to catch up with loved ones and enjoy bonding over good food and fun activities. When you want to make it a successful party, there are a few important steps to take when planning the event.

Rent the Equipment

There are plenty of materials and supplies that are needed when hosting a perfect family reunion. From the tables to chairs, it can be too expensive to purchase everything on your own. Consider renting tables and chairs from a company like B&T Rents to ensure that you have enough space for the whole family.

Delegate Tasks

According to, delegating tasks to different family members will allow you to execute each part of the planning process. Ask someone to create the budget and for another person to plan the potluck. Another person can be responsible for the decorations.

Send Invitations

Send different types of invitations out to your family members to ensure that each person is contacted. The email or paper invitations should be sent out several months in advance. If the reunion is in a location that requires people to travel, consider sending out the invites six months to a year ahead of time.

Plan Activities

Keep everyone busy during the event by planning outdoor activities for the adults. The children can enjoy participating in arts and crafts to ensure that everyone bonds while having fun. You can also plan a scavenger hunt or play trivia games that are related to the family’s history.

Create a Slideshow

There should be a part of the reunion where you make a speech and reflect on your time as a family. Consider making a slideshow that allows everyone to view photos of one another and relive special memories that you’ve created. You can also request that each person shares a special memory.

Create an Itinerary

Creating an itinerary will make it easy for your guests to follow a schedule to ensure that they show up on time for the activities and know what to expect each day. Send the itinerary to each person’s email and have hard copies available. You won’t have to worry about confusion or late arrivals with a schedule that is created.

Plan for Inclement Weather

Hurricanes and storms can arrive in each season of the year, making it necessary to rent a tent or have an indoor setting. You can take the party indoors if rain or harsh winds arrive unexpectedly. Heaters should be available to keep the chill away.

A family reunion will prove to be memorable by taking the right steps to create a smooth event. With extra help from other attendees, you can have peace of mind that each detail is planned before the special day. You’ll enjoy getting your family together and can plan more events in the future.

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