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For many women being pregnant is all of life’s most wonderful, exciting and terrifying experiences wrapped up into one neat pink, or blue package. Your body’s constantly changing, emotions are on a roller coaster ride, and the fear of what could go wrong keeps you awake at night. With all this going on it can be hard enough to get out of bed, let alone decide what to wear that makes you look beautiful while being comfortable.

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Pencil Skirts

While lots of us would eschew the idea of wearing a tight pencil skirt while pregnant, they’re a lot more comfortable than they look. Choose skirts that flare out slightly at the bottom and make sure the waistband isn’t digging into your stomach when you sit down. Pencil skirts do a fab job of showing off your bump as well as providing support depending on the material of the skirt itself. Stuck for what to wear to work? Pair a cute blouse, or shirt with a bright 3/4 length long sleeved jacket, midi pencil skirt, and flat pumps. Try to go for shoes that have a bit more structure, like pumps instead of ballet flats as in the later stages of pregnancy your feet will need them!

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High-Low Hems

When it comes to fashion tunic tops or shirts with high-low hems are great to wear during pregnancy as well as being unbelievably comfortable. Because the garment is asymmetrically shaped, there’s also less chance of the material straining across your stomach and hips. Choose items that skim over your bump while being longer at the back for a cute, on trend look that’ll help you feel like your tummy isn’t too noticeable. Why not pair a long burgundy tunic top with some skinny black jeans, you can get maternity ones, and some comfy purple sneakers? You’ll feel confident, comfortable and capable of doing things without feeling like your shirt’s going to pop open at any minute.

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Yoga Pants

These are pretty much a maternity wear staple as they’re stretchy, very easy to get on and off and can be dressed up and down as much as you like. Meeting the girls for a green tea? A slouchy, waterfall cardigan, cute striped long top and black yoga pants with hoop earrings and matching bracelet is perfect. Taking the dog for a walk? Keep your bump cozy in your favorite fleecy gray hoody, geo print yoga pants and trainers. Going out to a friends birthday meal? One of Ezibuy's dresses, black leggings and over the knee kitten heel boots will look amazing worn with a sparkly scarf or necklace.

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Button Down Shirts

Don’t feel like you need to stick to women’s fashion when pregnant as a man's button down is often bigger and’ll give you more room. Oversized shirts look awesome with jeans, leggings, and trousers plus depending on what accessories you’ve chosen they can lift outfits from being just ok to bang on trend. What’s great about button shirts is that if you’ve reached the stage where your bump is too big simply pop a baby, no pun intended, tee underneath and wear the open shirt over the top.

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