Express Yourself! Embrace Your Child’s Personality


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Being a parent can often leave you with many different roles. Not only are you a main provider and carer for your child, you’re there to push them, development and help them grow. If you’re a parent to many kids, you will know that they can all often have very different personalities – and it can be a blessing. If if you have a single child household, you can often find your kid’s personality to be very distinct. Alongside providing a healthy environment for them to grow up in, you want to be able to encourage them to feel comfortable with who they are and in their own skin.

Give Them A Choice

The first thing you can do is allow them the freedom of choice when it comes to their likes and dislikes. If you try to press a certain option too hard, you could end up confusing them and causing them to suppress their true personality, which can have harmful effects on their self-esteem. Instead, allow them expression in what they wear, what they like, what foods they like and even their bedroom decor.

Pimp Their Accessories

Sometimes, your kids can feel a bit held back by their appearance. When they wear glasses or a hearing aid, they can feel different from the other kids. But, it’s time we all learned that being classes as ‘different’ isn’t a bad thing. One way to do that is to have fun with these health accessories that they have. You can get such great glasses designs and different types of hearing aids right now that make customization so much more fun.

Guide Their Education

Education can be a sore subject with some families, with alma maters and certain choices of career path being above all else. However, when your child has a certain type of personality, they may be stronger at science than math, or better at drama than writing, meaning there predetermined career choice may not work for them. Instead of pushing their education, look to guide it. Advise them as best as you can and definitely aim to keep them on track, but ultimately, the decision on their career path has to be theirs.

Shout From The Sidelines

You should always aim to be your kid’s biggest fan. Whether they’re playing sports or completing in a spelling bee, be there on the sidelines and cheer them on – with whatever it is they decide to do in life. Sometimes, big personalities can be challenging or even hard to understand, but as long as your son or daughter is following their heart, passion and career choice, all you can do is be there for them and provide support.

Above All… Enjoy It!

Because, before long, they’ll be all grown up. Even if they think they’re loud or quite personality is hard to handle because it’s the opposite to yours, embrace it. Your child is their own little person with their own little life budding in the wings. Enjoy the journey with them, and you’ll rest assured that you helped this little person become an adult.

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