Exercise Your Body, Not Your Excuses: Breaking Down the Barriers to Fitness


Exercise Your Body Not Your Excuses Breaking Down the Barriers to Fitness

With many individuals not doing anywhere near the recommended amount of daily exercise, it’s not surprising that obesity is now a worldwide epidemic. Paired with an unhealthy diet, this almost complete lack of exercise will undoubtedly lead to severely unhealthy lifestyle choices which can have detrimental side effects to both the mind and body.

Excuses are rife when it comes to exercising, with almost all of us having made an excuse not to work out at some point. The simple fact is, there’s always an opportunity to exercise whether it be getting yourself down to the gym, doing a quick home workout or simply going for a walk, and excuses are just reasons we use in an attempt to justify not doing it. So, if you find yourself constantly making excuses not to exercise, here are some of the most common ones out there and tips on how to break down their barriers and become the fit, healthy person you’ve always wanted to be!

‘I don’t have time.'

Perhaps the most common excuse of all, many people claim they simply don’t have enough time in the day to exercise. Whilst this may be slightly more acceptable for those who work full-time, it’s still not a valid excuse.

If you make exercise a priority rather than just an option, you will always find time in the day to do it. Whether it means getting up half an hour earlier to fit it in before work or heading to the gym on your lunch break, changing your mindset towards exercise is essential. And remember, working out doesn’t have to take up hours at a time, simply going for a 15-minute brisk walk still counts!

‘I’m intimidated by the gym.'

Again, a very common excuse but one that can very easily be overcome. It’s completely normal to feel slightly intimidated by going to the gym, especially if you’ve not been before. Whilst gyms are often full of avid gym-goers and high-tech equipment; there’s one simple solution – exercise at home!

Whether you choose to exercise alongside a workout DVD or purchase some of your very own equipment, exercising from home is a lot less daunting for most people. So, next time you use the ‘scared of the gym’ excuse, get moving from home instead!

‘I don’t enjoy exercise.'

You probably don’t like exercise simply because you haven’t found a form you enjoy yet. There’s more to working out than just sweating on a cross trainer, so take up some new sports or try out a new machine next time you’re at the gym and see how you feel. Variety is essential when it comes to exercise, and keeping things interesting will make working out easier to maintain.

Almost everyone will have made an excuse not to exercise at some point. But, if you find yourself doing it all the time and never doing anything active, it’s high time you broke down those excuse barriers and let yourself finally enjoy exercise like you should be!

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  1. Robert Shelton on

    Very Informative and motivational post! ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I’m intimidated by the gym’, ‘I don’t enjoy exercise’ are daily cause to avoid exercise. You presented those main causes!
    Thanks a lot for this amazing post! 😊😊

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