Every Home Craves A Calming Corner


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If you were to ask us what one home improvement we would like to make, we wouldn’t even have to draw breath. We know the answer. We want to have a room in our home where the floor is covered in an ocean of blankets and pillows and the walls are adorned with art so stunning it relaxes the soul. That’s the dream. The problem is, dedicating an entire room to finding peace is pretty much out of the question. You would need a mansion for that kind of move.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t create a calming corner in your bedroom, living room or wherever. That little slice of space dedicated to all things relaxation, whether it be to escape the humdrum, soothe the soul or boost creativity.

Like we said, you don’t need much – just a small corner by a window and a few top tips on how to set up camp, which is where we come in:

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1. Focus On The Floor

There is something so incredible and doing away with furniture for a moment and just creating a mini-retreat on the floor; laying a colourful blanket or rug on the floor and then topping it off with some pillows almost impossibly pretty. What sort of blanket you lay on the ground is up to you, but we love the feel of raw silk, as well as the patterns you can get them in. As for the pillows, imagine the sort of thing you would find in a Moroccan living room; something bold and bright, and circular, maybe with tassels, even if that means laying a couple of cat mats down.

2. Ambiance is Amazing

In order to find your happy place, fall into the trap of relaxation and drift off into a state of total contentment, you have to create the right ambiance. That’s the secret. That’s how to hide from the world in an instant. How do you do this? That’s simple. Pop a floor standing lamp in the corner, preferably one with a big, fabric lampshade. Scent your space with an AromaTech cold air diffuser to get the most out of your favourite aroma oils. Place a scented candle to one side, on a pretty dish, so that you can signal the start of your unwinding session with a flickering flame. Little things like this make the biggest difference to a space.

3. Topped Off With Touches

No space is complete without a few delicate details and light touches. It could be a few wishing bottles filled with lavender sprigs (which will relax you in an instant), popping some painted feathers into a vase, adding some blossoming branches to a jar with some sprigs of colour and hanging a couple of pretties on the wall behind you – a gorgeous birdcage, a homemade dreamcatcher, a piece of art you find impossible to resist. Whatever takes your fancy. Whatever will make this little corner of your home that much more inviting and welcoming. Whatever will make you want to head here the moment you get in from work.


All it takes is one corner and bit of imagination.

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