Ellery’s Life Helps Raise Awareness For the PCD Foundation


This is an inspiring story of one person who has taken her gifts and wants to help educate others!  I love how she is donating proceeds from her music sales to the Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Foundation.  It is people like this that really make a different in the world!  And now a few words from Ellery who is only 11 years old:

All this month, I am donating the proceeds from my music, and recently released single on iTunes, “Stronger Than Before” to the PCD Foundation. My goal is to raise awareness so that kids and their parents, like me and mine, don't go years not knowing what's wrong with them. All that time permanent damage is happening to their lungs, ears and sinuses. I want everyone to get the treatment they need to slow the progression of this disease. The more people that speak out, and are unafraid the more awareness it generates. I want to use my music to help others, avoid the struggles I've had. And let's find a cure!!

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