Eating Right: 4 Tips for a Healthier Diet


Eating right isn't just a fad. It can be a life saver. When you are young you don't always see the implications of a poor diet. Nutrition is like building blocks for the future. You have to decide, do you want a healthy body as you get older or do you want to experience diet related disease?

Whole grains are a very important part of a healthy diet

You can take a little extra time when grocery shopping and pay attention to nutrition labeling. Choose whole grain breads from reputable labels like the Klosterman Baking Company. Choose breads and cereals with less sugar and less sodium. The way foods are labelled can be misleading. Make sure you either see a whole grain stamp on the packaging or see wording such as “100% whole wheat”.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are a vital part of a healthy diet

Many super foods fall into this category. Spinach, broccoli, sweet potatoes and many other fruits and vegetables are loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your body strong and healthy and help prevent disease and infection. Bananas are an important source of potassium, oranges are packed with vitamin C. A well balanced breakfast should include fruit and whole grains.

Low fat and low cholesterol are important for a healthier diet

Make sure you understand the differences between healthy fats and fats that can increase unhealthy levels of cholesterol. Trans fats and saturated fats are the ones you should avoid. Examples of foods that contain these unhealthy fats are French fries and some packaged foods.

Make sure you don't eliminate fats from your diet completely. Healthy fats, such as plant oils, canola or olive oil are good choices. Eat foods that have Omega 3 fats, such as fish and walnuts. Limiting meals from fast food restaurants will help you cut down on the “bad” fats. If you have to eat at a fast food restaurant choose salads with low fat dressings.

Protein is an important part of your diet

Protein provides essential amino acids for a healthy body. Make protein part of every meal. Choose chicken or fish rather than red meat which is high in fat. Eggs are a good source of protein and can be hard boiled and added to salads. Choosing a protein such as low fat cheese or peanut butter with apple slices or celery and carrot sticks can make a nutritious snack that fills you up but adds fewer calories than unhealthy choices like donuts or cookies.

In conclusion, with a little practice, by following these four important tips you can become healthier, lose weight, if that is your goal and create building blocks for a healthier future. All you have to do is remember to get rid of trans fats out of your diet. Include real whole grain bread and cereal. Have at least five or more servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day. Make sure your protein choice is low fat chicken or fish. The more you practice these four simple tips the easier it will become and you will become more creative in designing your own recipes for a healthier diet.

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