Easy Money-Making Tips for Tough Times


It doesn’t matter if you’re a stay-at-home mom or a student; times are tough these days, and we need to stick together. Making a bit extra is kind of easy when you know where to look, be it simple tasks in your neighborhood or selling your partner’s stuff – with their consent, that is. Here’s a few of the best advice I’ve received when being pretty skint.

Online surveys

This was the first advice I got, and the one I keep hearing. It’s a good one, though. Doing online surveys through sites like Qmee.com is a good way to keep things going when you’re either unemployed or just need a bit extra. This one rewards you for searching in Google or Bing, just download the app. There’s a lot of other online survey sites, too, some of them are better than others so read this first before starting anything. You don’t want to complete hundreds of surveys for next to nothing when another site could have offered more.

Go through your old stuff

It will clear your mind and your wardrobe – what’s not to like? You’ve heard this before, naturally, and perhaps even tried to sell a few things? My experience is that the more research you do on which site to use, the more likely you’ll be to do it more than once. Some sites makes it easy to sell, and even quite fun, while others will eat up most of your profit. Here’s some excellent sites to use, so you can avoid the bad ones.

Get a part-time job

Even if you already have a job and would like to make a bit more money: get engaged in jobs in your community, such as a delivery driver or working at the local flower shop. Weekends will do just fine, and it will be relaxed enough for you to not get stressed out by all the work. Plus, you could get a bit of workout squeezed into your schedule while making extra money. Involving yourself in your community is good for your mental health, too, and a good place to start if you’re unemployed.

Get cash back

This is a big one, and a lot of people forget how much they can actually save by simply signing up for that loyalty card. It’s an easy thing to do, the cashier keeps reminding you in any way every time you go shopping, so why not get it over with? Check which shops offer the best cash back in your area – if you’re loyal to one shop, it could be a good idea to switch if they don’t offer as much as another in the same area.

While we’re waiting for better times, it’s nice to know that technology has made it a lot easier for us to earn money. It’s all about being a bit creative and patient – especially if you’re doing online surveys. Even though selling a few things or getting cash back won’t make you a millionaire, it will help a bit. Before you know it, you’ll have saved up enough over a few months to do a full week’s grocery shopping with the extra money you earned.

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