Easily Own a Genuine Blog


As a matter of fact, about everyone would wish to have a blog, whether they will use it for business or recreation. Most often however, this becomes an invalid wish as people tend to think that in order for one to have their own blog they have to face a horror story of coding and the anguish of web development. Well, good news! This is no longer a problem. Imagine making a blog of your like just from wherever you can be using your computer for just 30 minutes. Looks funny and fantasy, right? But in fact it is a real thing.

Easily Own a Genuine Blog

Procedure of how to make the blog.

Here we will guide you on how to create a blog. It is just a few step task that takes extremely less time. All you require at these moment is a credit card or your PayPal visa card.

Visit the eHost site and once the website has opened, click on the option “get started now”. This will lead you to another page where you will be required to feed your domain name and then you will have to choose the extension you want. Initially, it has already chosen .com for you meaning that if it is the one you want you do not have to change it anyway. If you chose a domain name that is not available, then you will be required to choose another one, after all that is successful, you will see an option that required you to feed in your full names, your email and password and after that click continue. This will lead you to another page where you are required to precisely fill in the personal details, means of payment and duration of the package. You will notice that the package has a 50% discount. On the account plan option fill either 12, 24 or 36 months. It is advisable to countercheck whatever you have filled in so that you can make sure they are correct and then click on complete. After that is done, one will be asked to buy some add-ons where you can buy any that you want but if you are not interested just scroll down and click on No Thanks option. By now you have successfully created an eHost account by the a simple and precise procedure you have followed.

Installing WordPress on your hosting account.

You have already purchased your eHost ticket and now you will be taken to it. Here you will have to install the WordPress in the account. You will see a choice of cPanel Hosting and Website Builder. Since you are using WordPress, I would advise on using cPanel Hosting. Making a choice at this level is important since once you choose one it will be impossible to change later. Next, move down to “Software/Services” and select “Quick Install” which will help to do this in an easy, prescribed and fast way. Under “popular Installs” select “WordPress” and then click on install WordPress to proceed. There is a form which you are required to fill where the following should be put into consideration. Select your domain name in the first field, in the sub-directory leave it blank and then choose a username which is simple to remember and secure from other people since you cannot change the username later.


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