Don’t Take A Back Seat With Your Kids’ Future


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If you’re thinking about your children’s future, you may want to consider what career they should be looking towards. Now, obviously, you shouldn’t make this decision without their input, but at same time, when your kids are young they probably won’t know what they want. So, you can help them towards a path that is suitable for them. This isn’t just about what your child might enjoy, it’s about their personality traits, their skills and the general state of the business industry. Let’s look at some of the factors here and how to ensure that you help your kid move towards the right industry.

Where’s The Demand?

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One of the first things to look at is where the demand is in the job market right now and where it will be in the future. You might think that the job market is competitive and it is in a lot of places. However, in others there is labour shortages. This is true for teachers, doctors and dentists in some areas of the world. There is constantly dental nursing jobs up for grabs on the market and no end to the supply of schools looking for teachers. Is it always going to be this way? Probably not because the job market will shift for the better or the worse. It’s always changing but right now, these industries and sectors are where the shortages are.

You might think that there are other possibilities to consider. For instance, what about automation? In a few years time a lot of jobs simply aren’t going to exist anymore because a machine will be completing the work. Marketing, for instance, may not have many jobs because software is being developed that can think, create and imagine. You might also find that any jobs that involve manual labour no longer exist due to autonomous machinery and technology.

If you know the trends in the future, you can make sure that your child doesn’t seek a career that isn’t going to exist.

What Are They Suited For?

Is your child filled with imagination and creativity? If that’s the case, then you need to think about encouraging them to move towards a creative field or industry. For instance, they could become a writer, an artist or an advertiser. Any of these careers will allow them to stretch their creative muscles and give them more freedom than a typical office job.

Or perhaps, your child is a logical thinker. Logical thinkers are more suited for positions such as a lawyer or even a manager. You might think this means they’ll reach higher heights in their careers than the type of child previously mentioned, but that’s not true. Success isn’t determined by types of skills, it’s shaped by level of ambition. If your child is ambitious and talented they can succeed on any career path. Or, they can be hard working without talent and still reach a great level of living.

If you’re interesting in discovering the types of career that might suit your child, you may want to think about looking at the sixteen personality test. With this survey, your child can find out what type of personality they have. In doing so, they should be able to match the personality with a future career that is suitable and that they will enjoy.

Encourage Cool Skills

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There are certain skills that will make it more likely your child will achieve success in a future career. For instance, you may want to think about encouraging them to learn a second language. But, this language shouldn’t be chosen at random. Again, you need to look at the shape of the world and what things will be like in the future. As such, Mandarin might be one of the most beneficial languages to learn. This is due to the fact that China is becoming one of the most important players on the international market.

Another consideration would be encouraging your child to learn a musical instrument. Having skill in a musical instrument looks fantastic on a resume. It shows employers that an individual has talent, determination, and concentration. All are valuable traits in an employee working within any industry.

Sports achievement is another factor that both colleges and future employers will be watching out for. They want to make sure that the people they hire have experience working in a team. It also shows a communal sense of spirit and with high levels of success, you can also show leadership. It’s one of the reasons why colleges offer sports scholarships. It’s not just to gain an individual who can lead their team to victory in a certain sport. It’s also because they know these individuals have great potential.

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Pushing Is A Plus

A few years ago there was a widespread belief that pushing children too hard to achieve academically could be bad for their mental health. There was also the suggestion that it might adversely affect their future career, but now research has shown this is not the case. In fact studies have shown that children who had parents pushing them to succeed may be, somewhat unsurprisingly, more likely to reach higher levels in their career. They will have been driven towards new heights and had the support that they needed. If you let your kids lie back and take life as it comes, you might find they don’t get very far at all. Of course, it does depend on the personality of the child and whether they need that push.

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You have plenty of options when you’re trying to shape your child’s future, and that includes their career. You shouldn’t just let them travel down their own independent path because they might be making the wrong decision. Gently guide them towards a future you know will be fruitful and they will thank you later in life. Though it might seem like you're controlling their choices, you’re not. You're just giving them some perspective on matters that they don’t yet understand. All children need this at some point in their school life.

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