Don’t Let These Health Issues Hinder Your Teen’s Confidence


Appearance is a major factor at any age. We like to think it’s what is on the inside that counts. But, feeling good about how we look makes a huge difference to our wellbeing. With kids, that’s even more important. Feeling good about themselves through those teenage years is difficult. As parents, we do everything possible to help our child feel good about their appearance. Sometimes, health issues mean your child may have to put up with a less than flattering addition to how they look. We’re going to look at a few such health issues, and what we as parents can do to lessen the blow.

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Many teens suffer from sight issues. As such, they need glasses. Some kids need these from a young age. Others come to them as they get older. Whichever is true for your child, it’s important they don’t feel insecure. You don’t want them struggling with bad sight because they don’t feel confident enough to wear glasses. A fantastic way around this is to take time choosing the perfect pair. Glasses can be a fantastic fashion accessory if chosen right. Take your teen along and let them choose which pair they like best. It may be worth paying a little extra here. Cheaper options often look less flattering. A more pricey designer choice will look a lot better. If they refuse to wear glasses, it may be worth going down the contact lens route. Again, these won’t come cheap. But, they’ll ensure your child can see, and still feel good about themselves!

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Another issue that affects many children and teens is hearing. Being hard of hearing can make life difficult. A child that struggles to hear may find it hard to make friends or listen to what their teachers say. Hearing issues can be harder to spot, but if you think your child is suffering, it’s important to help them. Pay attention to whether they ask you to repeat yourself, or misinterpret what you say. Hearing aids are even harder for teens to get their heads around than glasses. If they are necessary, make sure to research hearing aid styles, so your teen knows their options. It may also be worth finding any teen celebs that wear hearing aids. This will help them feel less alone.

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Many teens need braces to ensure their teeth stay straight as they grow. Yet, the idea of braces can be as unpleasant for your kid as anything else on this list. Not having braces now could lead to significant issues as they get older. The best part about these is that they aren’t forever. Express that to your child if they have concerns. Ask their orthodontist to explain the different colors they can choose from to accessorize. It may also be worth emphasising that you wish you could have braces too, or that you think they’ll look amazing. Again, pull up some famous faces with braces. Do anything you can to get your teen excited.

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