Doggy Friendly Do and Dont’s When Preparing For A Puppy


The day that you bring a puppy home can be one of the most exciting and life changing moments for your kids, and your family as a whole. It is they day when they get to meet their new best friend, constant companion, and source of unconditional love. But a lot of thought and planning has to go into that day before it happens. In fact, there are some things you should definitely do and others you should avoid when you are preparing to bring a puppy into your home. Read on to find out what they are.

Do have a trial run

The wonderful thing about dog wondering now is that you can have a trial run! Don't believe it? Well, search the internet for dog borrowing sites. There you can borrow a dog to take on walks.

This is a brilliant idea if you kids have never had the chance to be around a dog. As you can see how they act and judge whether they are ready for a puppy in the home, without the commitment of getting your own. You could even do this a few times to see what breed or size of dog would be best for you all.

Don't disappoint the kids

A major don't when in the process of getting a puppy is to not disappoint the kids. This mean you have to make sure that there are suitable puppies out there before your promise them that this is happening and get their hopes up.

Remember they might not understand that they have to wait a while until a suitable one comes along. To help you with this you can find puppies for sale here, or look in your local newspaper or ask friends they know anyone who’s dog has recently had a litter.

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Don't get any new furniture

The thing about puppies is that they like to play. Unfortunately their idea of play into quite the same as ours. When puppies play, they are trying to stave off boredom. But that means they can get a little destructive if there isn't someone at home all the time to watch them.

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They have been known to chew table and chairs legs, or even the fabric on your sofa. So it's better to not overhaul all of you home decor and furniture, just before you bring a new puppy into the home. Then if they do cause any damage, it won't be as agonizing for you!

Do make sure you have all the things you will need

Something you will definitely need to do if you are bringing a puppy into the family is to ensure that you have everything that they need to be comfortable. A soft bed is a must, as it as a lead and collar.

They will also need some toys to play with around the house to keep them amused, as well as ones for playing fetch, to use on walks. Also if they are not yet house trained puppy pads can help save your floors and carpets as well as keep things a little more hygienic.


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