DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card


It seems like every year we like to get a little more crafty at Christmas.  I thought this DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card was pretty neat and a few family and friends might even find it in their mailbox this year.  As long as the kids can use scissors and glue they should be able to tackle this one on their own with a little adult direction.


DIY 3D Christmas Tree CardDIY 3D Christmas Tree Card

What I like about this DIY Christmas Tree Card is you can use it as a card or place setting.  The kids will have fun creating a special one for each person around the table this year.  Most of us have the supplies sitting around the house too which makes this craft even easier.  Grab you supplies we're about to begin!

DIY 3D xmas tree step 1

Gather all materials needed for this tutorial:

  • wrapping paper (great upcycle craft)
  • a piece of cardboard (any color would do)
  • a piece of yellow construction paper or star/angel stickers as the tree topper
  • a pair of scissors
  • hot glue gun, I like the mini one for this craft.  A glue stick also works you just need to use a little extra pressure.

3D xmas tree step 2

Step 1: Cut the cardboard into two equal parts.  Keep the other half.

3D xmas tree step 3

Step 2: Fold the cardboard into a portrait orientation.  This will serve as the body of the Christmas tree.

3D xmas tree step 4

Step 3: Cut several rectangles from the unused wrapping papers.  It would be better if you would have two to three colors of these to give a better effect on the Christmas tree.  Make sure that the rectangles are ascending in size.  Make an approximate size for each and this should be proportioned to the size of the cardboard.

3D xmas tree step 5

Step 4: Make a zigzag fold in a lengthwise orientation on the rectangles pieces.  Remember all those fans you folded back in the day, well now your skills canbe put to use!  The width of the fold would be based on your own preference.

3D xmas tree step 6

Step 5: Meet the ends of the zigzag paper and fold it in the middle.  Hot glue the middle part of this to permanently seal the folded paper.  This should resemble the look of a small paper fan.  This will serve as the layers of the Christmas tree.

3D xmas tree step 7

Step 6: Hot glue one side of the fan-looking paper on the middle part of the cardboard where the fold is prominent.  Make sure that the smallest would be glued on the topmost portion of the cardboard.  Continue doing this until the last or the biggest paper is placed at the bottom part of the folded cardboard.

3D xmas tree step 8

Step 7: Glue the opposite part of the fan-looking paper on the other side of the cardboard.  Do the same thing for the other layers.

3D xmas tree step 9

Step 8: Cut a small star from the yellow construction paper and glue it on the topmost part of the Christmas tree.  Let the glue dry.

3D xmas tree step 10

Step 9: Finally done!  You can display your cute 3D pop-up tabletop Christmas tree!


This 3D DIY Christmas Tree Card is a lot of fun for everyone.  Get creative and have fun, sometimes it is nice to relax and be a kid again.

What crafts do you make at Christmas?

DIY 3D Christmas Tree Card

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