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There’s a misconception about millennial technologies that seems to imply the digital revolution might have been for the worst. Critics are quick to show people glued to their smartphones. While nobody can ignore the fact that digital tech can indeed become addictive, there’s no denying that the digital side of things can make your life a lot smoother and easier in many ways. Yes, people use their smartphones and computers a lot. But they can achieve great things thanks to this new habit. For all the days when you wish that you had a simple life without technology, here’s a little list of the basic life requirements that you can fulfill with a few clicks.

Improve your health

Staying healthy has never been easier than today. You can rely on super effective fitness apps to get yourself in shape in no time! If you’ve never been a fan of fitness, you can start with something as simple as Couch25K which gets beginners to run 5 km in just above 2 months. This is a great inspiration for everyone who needs to start their fitness journey back to health. If you want to keep track of your eating habits, use My Fitness Pal; it’s a great app that lets you record your meals. As the app has indexed several brands of food, you can get an accurate calorie count too.

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Boost your career

What if you want to improve your professional chances? Studies? Yes, it’s a good plan, but there’s no need to go back to college. You can register for a variety of online courses: If you’re in the healthcare sector, there’s a great masters in nursing education program. If you’re working in marketing, you can boost your chances with an online Adwords certification. And while you’re at it, why not boast about your achievements on LinkedIn and your online resume on Indeed? You might be only one click away from the job of your dream!

Manage your budget

If, like most adults, you’re struggling with credit debts and mortgages, you can use budget apps to manage your financial situation efficiently. Mint offers a budget app that gives you an overview of your expenses and earnings, which you can set up to display a monthly period. It’s an easy way to stretch your pay until the end of the month. If you prefer a more simplistic approach, try Pocket Guard, which displays how much money you’ve got at any given time.

Meet someone new

Finally, with more and more long-term relationships starting online, you could meet Mr or Mrs Right on a dating platform. While many claim that dating platforms are too impersonal, they enable singletons to make new connections and to find common interests easily. Some even say that it eliminates a lot of awkwardness when they finally meet in real life. After all, one-third of US marriages have met through online dating!

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In short, the evil in digital technology may not be in the way we use it, but in the way we perceive it. If a click can bring people together, professionally or emotionally, only a foul would prefer to miss the chance!

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