Is Your Diet Giving You Wings, Or Clipping Them?


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Do you find yourself needing a little afternoon pick me up?  Or perhaps a boost of energy to get you going in the morning.  We all go through periods of time where sleep appears to slip down our priorities list however compensating for it by eating or drinking the wrong kinds of food could make this situation even worse.  So how can you get a healthy energy boost in a positive way?

That morning cup of coffee might be convincing you that you are human, but what it is actually doing is having a negative effect on your body.

Caffeine is a natural stimulant most commonly found in tea, coffee and cacao plants. Once consumed, caffeine is quickly absorbed from the gut into the bloodstream and then it travels to the liver and is broken down into compounds that can affect the function of your organs.  The main effect though is on the brain.  Caffeine will block adenosine which is a neurotransmitter which relaxes your brain and makes you feel tired.  So it essentially fools your body into thinking you are awake, happy and ready to go.

Now, there are lots of positive ways you can use caffeine.  It helps to raise your metabolism and can help you lose weight.  If you take a caffeine hit before a workout you may find you can push yourself over your usual limit. It will help get your brain to refocus on a boring task and bring new life to a project.

Of course, this does all rather depend on the type of caffeine you are taking.

There are drinks such as Red Bull and Monster Energy which work to give you that extra pep and help you to stay on top of your game.  Both companies are huge sponsors of a variety of motorsports, air shows and adrenalin type sports such as the X Games.  The problem is, like most coffees, this type of caffeine is acidic.  Which can have a negative effect on your whole body.  So whilst you may gain a quick sharp buzz, as the effect wears off you will feel worse than you did before.

Coffee has been proved to reduce the body’s ability to absorb iron by 50%

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Matcha green tea contains just a quarter of the caffeine found in coffee but raises your energy levels just as effectively without causing crazy hikes and crashes that end up making you feel jittery and disillusioned. It contains a phytonutrient called L- Theanine which helps to regulate the absorption rate of caffeine into your body resulting in your staying energized for longer.  The caffeine in coffee is the acidic type, which cause spikes glucose and insulin levels, and results in restlessness, sleeplessness and hunger pangs. Matcha tea contains high level of chlorophyll which is highly alkaline and helps to regulate PH levels in the blood.  The unique combination of the caffeine in Matcha with phytonutrients means that the tea delivers a natural clean source of energy without any of the side effects of processed coffee.

So if you really want something that gives you wings, maybe you should consider a cup of this little super powder instead!

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